What seems to be the problem with Northeast Bradford County specifically Orwell Township...it seems as though the gas companies are shying away from this area...is there a problem with the geology if so what is the problem?  My lease expired 2 years ago and I have not had any intrest from anyone...

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Stan- you might check lease expiration for all the leases near you, If it is that 5+5s etc.

, a micro area might not get drilled as immediately as others with expiring leases.

Out of our control in theory gas will be at better prices in 2 4 6 yrs, drilled later can work out fine.

i've heard the rumor several times that there are water problems in the marcellus near n.e. bradford high school. talisman wells i believe.

anyone know if there is any truth to these rumors?


WJ,  the answer is yes.  TLM has run into "water" on Cook, and Vough wells in particular.  In talking with a CHK geologist he said that it is

more a question of economics than anything else.  With the price of gas where it is and the relative glut on the market companies are choosing to flow wells that don't produce much flowback "water" or "brine."  This tactic avoids the cost of trucking off the "brine" and processing it.  When prices go up (whenever that is?) then all wells will be flowed. Was told that $4 is the magic number.

TLM is still spending money preparing pads in the area, so don't think it's a "show stopper."

thanks russ, interesting info.

wasnt sure whether to put much faith in that rumor. i have friends in that area who have heard it, and with so little activity are feeling a sense of dread. time will tell i suppose.

a little glimmer of hope for the pricing situation i think, given the latest storage numbers. lets hope for a hot summer and maybe next winter things will turn around for us.


If you go to the well production reports you will see a column for "produced water."  Geologist told me they check it daily in choosing which wells to flow. FYI, CHK flowed Rexford well only a day before they closed it in. 

this thread provokes an unrelated thought.

i wonder if costs associated with operating the wells, such as waste water haulage and disposal, are being passed on to mineral owners.

ya never know with chk.


Do you think???  They will pass on any and all costs that they will get away with until made to stop. Gathering (*2) and Third Party (*3)   don't tell you much on the check stub. It is all part of the Marketing Enhancement Clause. Sometimes there is a Fuel charge (Anadarko & Mitsui).

hey sherry, how's it going? i havent spoken with you since this gasicane started, last time i saw you i think i was working on your stove or dishwasher many moons ago.

yeah, the market enhancement clause caught lots of folks off guard. it was easy to get tripped up by it, it is worded to mislead, but it does clearly say that they can take the deductions. anytime the word "however" appears in legal language it's a red flag.

i am sure that you're aware of the lawyers currently plying their trade luring landowners into class actions and mass arbitrations as well as the ones picking people off  for individual arbitrations.

doug clark seems to have a good approach. his sounds like the best challenge to me. you're gonna have to keep abreast of the situation if you arent involved, since results of arbitration can be kept sealed and do not have the same effect as case law.

anyway, i wish you folks well over there. sounds like you've got a hotspot.


Suggestion, check out everything independently. With that acknowledgement, no warranty here - we are told removing flowback water / brine is a modest cost relative to well output.  Many area wells do 1 BCF in year one. 1 Bcf at $3.50 gas is 3.5 million gross.

When we have heard "water" problems, it refers to problems in the geology, somehow instead of gas, water is found and means a dead well.

A few years back there were reported cases NW of Hughesville PA and I believe in far NE Susquehanna County. The Hughesville wells were since plugged. The good thing is it seems more haphazard vs. in continuum though an area might be categorized as prone.    

While many see the gas corporations and every attorney as out to get you - victimitis as it is called, is a rough and costly disease. Others know corporations have responsibility to operate in their interests, while  misleading is misleading and acting in bad faith is acting in bad faith,  landowners have a responsibility to investigate and act their own self interest.

Not excusing poor behavior but what NE PA experienced over the last 7 years is no different than what the landman culture has been for 150. Read Sinclair Lewis.      


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