I see nothing on this site pertaining to NY. Have NY landowners given up all hope? I also do not see any help topics on ‘starting a group’, ‘joining a group’, ‘asking a member to befriend them’ or ‘become a friend’, ‘reply to private members comments’. BIG MYSTERY!

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What a breeze of fresh air assailed me when I discovered your postings!

You sir have the ability to look very deeply into a problem!

Far too many posters here can only reach a very shallow level of their thinking processes.  The best many of them can do if they disagree is to curse, damn, try to bully and put down and intimidate if they can.

In my lifetime I have seen this bullying tactic many times. It adds nothing to better a situation. It can only cause hatred which often goes out of control!

One very high point in my life concerns a boy of about 17 who was looking for his father in our small town. His mother who lived in Florida with the boy, constantly ran the father down as being nothing but a scuzzybutt.  But the boy wanted to find out for himself.  The boy, named Butch, managed to make his way to our town but his father had moved away. 

I needed a little help on my farm and consequently thru a series of events hired him on a day to day basis.  He was about as destitute as anyone could be. No money, ragged clothes, a really down and out teenager. But he had been taken in by the folks his father had lived with.

This boy...., well, I had reservations about him. He tried very hard the first day and did better each day afterward. I told him if he came whenever he was needed there would be a bonus for him. We paid him every day so he could have a little spending money. The third day he came, he had a fresh haircut and he had clothing that were not all ragged and full of holes.  I have to say here, I did not recognize him.

After the haying was finished I asked him he could stay on if he wanted to. There was other work he could help me with. He appeared one very hot blistering day and we went up on my hill to repair fence. We too many breaks. I asked him "What do you want out of life?"   He told quite a bit of his life. His mother was in the service and moved many times as her job required.

To make this story shorter , I will skip some details.

Many years later a car drove in my driveway. A young man got out and asked how I was. I did not recognize  him. "I'm Butch," he said.  Butch and I spent the afternoon visiting.   Butch said to me, "Bill, You are the only person who ever asked me what I wanted to do with my life! And I wanted to thank you for the time and interest you took with me back then!"

Oh and the bonus we promised him...….

At that time my wife and I had chickens and cows and a large garden.  After the haying was finished, my wife and I gathered up a large box filled with garden produce, a few gallons of buttermilk and a few pounds of homemade butter as well as extra eggs.

The lady was pleased with what Butch brought in. She did a lot of canning and baking. Butch broke down when he saw what his bonus consisted of.  He had been unable to provide much in the way of payment for this other family taking him in.

A very high point in my 85 years of life. one that I wont soon forget!

Granddad Ladd

Yes, I seem to go off track sometimes. But when I see someone deliberately start belittling and calling nasty names,  I like to look behind their behavior and comments and try to understand what took place that causes them to post these  personal and derogatory comments.

If you can make a positive or negative comment about the oil and gas industry, that's fine..... But leave the personal nastiness out of it!!

Old Timer seems to be well aware of how the industry is progressing as well as how the mechanics of it works.  Thumbs up to you Old Timer!

 And to you John S. Patane   I believe that you have an excellent insight to folks and what we all have to do to survive!

Granddad Ladd

Thanks Granddad for the wonderful story...our experiences make us what we are today and provide us with the insight needed to perservere.  And thanks for the compliments.  My knowledge on the subject is quite limited, and I look to those with knowledge much greater than mine on this site for answers and guidance, and yes...possibly hope...going forward.  P.S.  I thought you were going to say that Butch went on to become president of a major oil company.....but that's just for the movies ...haha

P.P.S.  Who knows, perhaps we have discovered a new source of lithium via our fracing activities that will lead to the development of an American lithium extraction industry to provide us with independence from the foreign control of the lithium supply !  Pipe dreaming ?  Maybe....but remember:  Hope springs eternal....J.P.

you may be right Old Timer.  We may have missed it....but hope springs eternal....that's my motto.  Keep the faith...look for the good, even if it is small.  Reminds me of a story my father told me....a banker once told him that he had complained as a young lad, to his mother that the steak they were eating was tough.  Her reply: "tougher when there's none".   Keep chewing !

John, your father told you a story about tough times for sure.  And to survive is sometimes very difficult.  I have lived thru some pretty tough times myself. The worse part I think, was after being released from active army reserve after trying to reestablish a civilian life again.. 

There just did not seem to be a place for me anymore. All my friends seemed to have moved on, reasonably good jobs, some were married and starting a family and a place to live.

I was making a bit of headway but very slow. For one thing, I was living in an old grainery on the family farm. Also trying to establish a social life with old friends. 

Maybe the kicker was that I was on the list to be asked to rejoin active service again. Vietnam was heating up and the reservist's two year obligations had been extended for a third year. I had just about finished that third year obligation when an illness put me in the hospital.  As a result I was discharged from any further military obligations.

 So now here I was, almost back to my high school days.  10 years in a kind of "limbo situation"!  

These 10 years were very tough "CHEWING" to say the least.

Granddad Ladd 

In addition to the posting I made above to John s Patane,

The following years  50 or so years gradually got easier.  But never to the level where survival was gauranteed!  But I did learn one important lesson. I learned that most of us have one or more serious problem to deal with that could easily destroy a person's life and happiness.

And that lesson is trying to intimidate and constantly find fault with another person that they THINK is better off then  they are. 

One New York State Landowner somehow got the idea that all Pennsylvania landowners were receiving huge royaltys and were getting very rich.  That    thought is simply not true!  

The royaltys received by some landowners did help for sure but for other landowners many more problems arose and did more harm then good!

Granddad Ladd

Nothing in this life gets easier, unless we interact with one eye open to the fact that mankind is not getting better and most are here to stick it to us to better their own lot in life or someone in their inner circle.
The PA landowners who got taken were blinded by a few dollars waved in their faces while the pea was removed from under the walnut shell.
The unscrupulous energy companies that had to have every last penny rather than the 80 to 90% they were already getting falls right in line with the level of morality today.
Their wildcard is contained in one dimple word in the contract, NET. Those who will sign in the future need to remember they want their share from the GROSS OF THE MARKET VALUE, not the gross of what they sell it for to one of their sibling companies. Also get rights to access the meters in the system.
Don’t take anyone's word as to how much was extracted. This means you need to know a starting number AND the ending number that will represent what has passed through. You might also want ti record serial numbers off the meter(s). Another item is a seal that shows if the meter was removed.
Are they putting fixtures on your land? Be sure that the contract states they pay any increase in property tax, this could wipe out any royalty received.

Great advice OhHenree!  I appreciate just about any information that shows up.

Does not seem to much in the way of postings lately.  Guess the impeachment squabble has pretty much taken over for the time being.

Granddad Ladd

Great Advice for sure OhHenree.....needs to be repeated when and if we ever get the green lite here in NYS.  At least the delay here is allowing us to learn from the mistakes of others who have gone before us ......always looking on the positive side

The guy tells us that NY should not be fracked because of its 'beauty ' , and now denies he made those comments ........ 


Maybe someday Ralphy's property will be  drilled and any improvements that he has made and has great pride and has spent a lifetime making his property a beautiful  place will be destroyed by greedy oil drillers.  Some of my NEW YORK STATE friends have expressed that fear to me, concerning that the FINGERLAKES AREA might be destroyed by this drilling! 

Now Ralphy has misrepresented my posting as being my own personal  thoughts and that I approved the ban on drilling in New York State.  . 

Go back and read Mr Ladd ... Your posts speak for themselves ......................


Hypocrite ????????????????


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