I see nothing on this site pertaining to NY. Have NY landowners given up all hope? I also do not see any help topics on ‘starting a group’, ‘joining a group’, ‘asking a member to befriend them’ or ‘become a friend’, ‘reply to private members comments’. BIG MYSTERY!

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You are a very negative person Ralphy!  You will never be a winner by such negativity!  Why not try looking upward for a change instead of picking fights with me? Maybe you could find an idea that will bring you a fortune. Don't waste your time and energy and brain power blasting me. What is the point of trying to create a sense of hatred for someone when you could have a much better and happier life and folks might be more likely to look up to you.

 Have a great day!

Granddad Ladd

No hate here Billy ... Just calling it as it is ........ 


Will never understand how a man collecting checks from a company who fracks in PA  can tell others in another State they he doesn't believe those in NY should benefit from gas drilling ............

You misunderstood my commentary Ralphy.  Some of my friends in New York State and I were discussing the fracking of gas in New York State, These friends stated their fears of fracking to me because of some of the early problems.  Such as contaminated water from a few gas well fracking projects near their properties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It was not hard to understand their fears. Who wants to use or drink water that has leakage from the chemicals used in the fracking process? Maybe you were not aware of the problems many land owners were complaining about a year or so earlier about this contamination.   Even a few years earlier near Buffalo, New York  There was an area that was used a dump site from waste from unwanted manufacturers. That area was all bulldozed over and made into a great looking place to build new homes. Many folks bought lots and built new houses in that area. Some years later the former dump site began to leach out all kinds of stinky material in the new home owners property. People began to get sick.  Kids could not go out to play in their own yards.                                                                                                                                                                                     No one knew what was causing the sickness or where the smelly odor was coming.   As I recall, one woman started to make a big fuss over it. An investigation was made and it was discovered this beautiful area had been the site of a dump site many years ago. It was called "LOVE CANAL".                                                                                                                                                             I suggest to you Ralph, PUNCH "LOVE CANAL " up on your computer and read the history of it and what was done.     It was not so many years ago when "LOVE CANAL" was the top news story.                                                                                                                                                      CONTAMINATION, CONTAMINATION, CONTAMINATION    of their properties, Losing their homes that they built because of not knowing what was under their properties.   Unsafe areas for their offspring to play in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The memory of what took place a few years earlier was still fresh in their minds.                             And you want to pick a fight with me simply because I can understand the misery and the fear that some New  York State residents have of fracking in their state?                                                                                                                                                                                                                     None of this probably affected you directly and you have stated that you could care less about the problems other people have to deal with to survive.  More then likely you simply do not understand what I was trying to point out.

Granddad Ladd                  

People have poor quality water that is contaminated ....because they chose to drill for water in areas that are oozing with shallow deposits of oil and gas.  That has been going on for 100 years ever since modern drilling rigs started sinking water wells.  Wells have NEVER been contaminated by fracking fluid and even if they were to drink fracking fluid straight, it is harmless. https://oilandgas-investments.com/2011/natural-gas/halliburton-exec...

Presumably many folks had no idea that their search for water would lead to deposits of gas too.  My sister and her husband bought a farm many years ago within sight of the town of Little Marsh. On this farm was a gas well that had been drilled a few hundred yards from their house and barn. Previous owners had laid a pipe from the gas well to the house for the gas to heat and cooking.  It worked pretty good but there was a problem with water. During warm weather the water was not a problem. Cold weather was a different story.  The water would freeze at times and keep the gas from reaching the house.  Time and time again they would have to pour some kind of antifreeze into the line to thaw the ice and restore the flow of gas.

They had some sort of device that collected the gas from the well before entering the pipe to the house. For the most part the water was separated from the gas but there was always a small portion of water that managed to collect in low areas of the pipe and freeze.

This was back about 1969.....1972.   They moved to a different state.

Granddad Ladd

So the big news yesterday was that the NY Gas Utility Board started refusing new NG hookups on Long Island because Cuomo has stopped all new pipeline supplies. Without more supply, they can no longer guarantee service to all if more tap into the existing pipelines.  They are overloaded as is.

The NY Gov forced National Grid to start trucking in LNG trucks to supply NYC and LI due to lack of pipes to supply LI ............

Another interesting(?) twist in NYS...municipalities can ban frac'ing in their township, but they cannot ban the placement of a wind turbine farm within their boundaries. 

A case in the Southern Tier just received a ruling against the town trying to stop a large windfarm from being built, but there can be no hydraulic fracturing anywhere. Ludicrous!!

I OWN 4 PARCELS in the Southern Tier , they lay waiting for a new regime in Albany ................ 

In my NY County of Madison we have one of the earliest windmlll farms around.  One 200 ft windmill tower came crashing to the ground, due to poor construction of the base.  Another, about a mile away,  forced a helicopter flying in poor weather to the ground.. In Calif, a windmill related company was fined millions $ for locating windmills in the flight area of an endangered raptor species ( as i recall:  eiither condors, or golden eagles ??...)   The point is :  nothing is perfectly safe, nothing...there are problems, including environmental problems, with all sources of energy.  

There are some "meanie greenies" in NY that are hell bent on forcing all of us to use certain sources of renewable energy, regardless of the cost and harm that it does to some of us, like the folks in LI and NYC....probably where some of them come from.  I am all for renewable energy...have been for generations.  But to try to speed up the process regardless of the personal harm and cost it causes to our fellow New Yorkers is a bit unconscionable dont you think ?  That is often the side effect of the radical's  thinking....all for the cause, regardless of the effect and the pain it causes.  The end justifies the means. 

I remember when nat gas was about $13 a unit, and now it is about $2-3 a unit thanks to the fracing process advancements.  Without fracing, I , who heats my house with natural gas in CNY, would probably be facing what ?  $ 25 a unit by now ??  So would some of those "greenie meanies".  Thats ten times more the cost to heat our houses in the winters of CNY.  Then I am sure NYS would lose a lot more of its population to southern, warmer states.  Wonder if the Governor ever thought about that reality ! 

Or maybe he wants us all to more to Puerto Rico, his favorite place, where it's nice and warm.  

The "meanie greenies" are not just opposed to hydrofracing.  They are opposed to all uses of fossil fuels and the extraction of same.  And they, in the blind process of trying to destroy all new gas transmission lines in NYS, or their upgrading, to prove their point and to force the renewable energy on all of us, (i.e.  impose their will on us) have created the situation where the Governor, who panders to this fanaticism because he sees votes there, has helped to create the problems of not being able to provide nat gas to new construction as recently cited above in these messages.  So his soultion is simple (based on what I have read above)....force the utilities to haul  propane into an area with natural gas service in the street probably right in front of those new houses.  This is called economic inefficiency at its finest .  But hell, we can just raise taxes here in NYS to make up the difference.   This is asinine, but then again so is much of the whole picture in NYS right now.  Who does he think will be paying all the extra costs of his orders ????   It is us poor dumb rate payers who just happen to be his constituents !  Oh, and, by the way, where does this propane gas come from ???

Funny...no one seems to mention in all this global warming discussion, the effect on the increased carbon footprint of man across the globe, and most importantly the huge increases in the release of carbon in the future due to the major cause of global warming:  unbridled population growth world wide.  That's the real culpret, but it is simply not Politically Correct to say so, let alone try to do someting about it....in fact, those countries in the world who had once attempted to control population growthl within their borders have now dropped those efforts (China) and I read that Russia is even encouraging its folks to have more children to increase their population !  The world (and U.S.) population growth has, and will continue to far outstrip any and all efforts to curb carbon emissions, including efforts to change human behaviors to reduce the  carbon footprint of mankind, or humankind (to be politically correct)..  In other words much of all of this action to mitigate global warming in the face of unbridled population growth amounts pretty much to a "fart in a windstorm" !!!   In fact, farts themselves are blamed for  reducing the ozone layer ...see the literature on cow farts contributing to the depletion of  the ozone layer thus causing global warming problems....no joke !  Maybe the next step of the Governor and the meanie greenies will be to prohibit farting in NYS to reduce our carbon footprint !   Puerto Rico here I come !!!  

Good essay John .... 

 Our Gov is the "godfather ' to Billy Joels latest child ....... Joel and the Gov hang out frequently .....

 Mr Billy Joel owns a house near me that has to be 30,000 square foot and he is still adding on , Joel owns numerous boats and houses in other regions .... 

 Joel commutes to NYC via  a high end helicopter , probably not 'carbon friendly ' 


I often wonder if the Gov , 'lectures' Billy about his 'carbon footprint ' ???????

Dont drink too much of that koolaid.  There is no Global Warming.  There is Global Temperature cycles and they have gone back hundreds of millions of years and the Earths Temp keeps going up and down about 10 degrees every couple hundred thousand years.  But the swings are very regular and predictable.  It is most likely due to changes in solar activity.  We can say this with confidence because during that same time, CO2 has taken a nose dive.  In other words the Earths temp has cycled up and down about 6 times while CO2 has gone from 120 to 4 parts per thousand.  That proves that CO2 has no affect on the earths temp.  There is a tiny affect that is not significant but it has little to no "Greenhouse" affect especially compared to plain old clouds.  Any one who knows anything about weather knows that clear winter nights are cold vs the same conditions with clouds.  We know that clouds really do make a Green House affect by covering the area to keep the ground heat in.  It cant radiate out from the ground into dark sky because clouds actually block that radiant loss.  If anything, we might need more CO2 in the air given that we are way way low compared to what it used to be.  Plants need CO2 to grow and its probable that natural lightening activity kept much of the earth surface active with fires that kept CO2 at much higher levels.  In fact up until the US was colonized, native Indians would make huge forest fires to improve vegetation, transportation, and the habitat in general.  The first ships to reach these shores are full of accounts of huge fires that covered thousands of square miles.  https://www.srs.fs.usda.gov/sustain/report/fire/fire-06.htm


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