I see nothing on this site pertaining to NY. Have NY landowners given up all hope? I also do not see any help topics on ‘starting a group’, ‘joining a group’, ‘asking a member to befriend them’ or ‘become a friend’, ‘reply to private members comments’. BIG MYSTERY!

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Go ahead and waste your time Ralph, trying to bash me!  Instead of using the precious time you have trying to make changes to better your position.  

Early on I mentioned the financial reasons why NY had to be blanketed, abundance lowers the ‘retail’ price, not the actual amount individuals pay at the meter to their home.
If elections were real, NY would have a different governor not the bought and paid for individual. Ever witness a poll worker destroy ballot’s, I have. Nothing was done except swear in another family member.
In the past decade, I have witnessed the slight of hand that PA land owners have endured. One received .02 cents royalty for a months extraction! NY may not be going through the ‘harvesting’; but at that profit margin, I am glad.
There are countless ways for the theft to occur; but do you see any sort of law enforcement, no. A common phrase is “We don’t have the resources. Resources translates to knowledge and all too often a loud voice is used to cover up the lack of knowledge.
From these comments alone, we can see the fragmentation of any sort of group discussion. To get into this fragment I had to click a number representing the sub group of comments, very disconcerting.
For those who are scratching their head’s, yes I altered my comment after re-reading to get who's who and who said what straight in my head.
It is time to open some eye’s as to a deep embedded corruption that is malignant in central upstate NY. The biggest problem is talking about it publicly. It is the reason I started this post. I was hoping to get an idea of how wide spread the problem is. My fears are that it goes beyond NY. Any person with half a brain knows that ‘if it is being gotten away with’ the word amongst that type of individuals spreads, like the fires that are raging currently. I do not mean to leave everyone guessing or in the dark; but this needs a little clandestine atmosphere before being made public. Has anyone figured out how to create a private group for such a discussion? I received a private comment; but was unable to reply because the individual was behind a private wall. !?!

Some of these "private Walls", OhHenree,     are put into place because  comments sometimes tend to be nasty and actually do nothing to help cure the problem. But  instead are posted only to cause anger between two members. 

It is much better to use the thinking processes,   most us are blessed with,   to solve a problem,   then it is to curse and damn someone you disagree with. Makes no sense to WASTE TIME AND ENERGY to blast away at someone who might agree with you if you can find a way to present your problem in a reasonable fashion!

Have a good day!

Granddad Ladd

NY Gov won't even allow N Gas starved Long Island to build a new pipeline .....

 Now LNG must be trucked in to meet demand ...........

Well Ralph, start a letter writing group with your friends to your state governor and all of your state representatives demanding that they do get a new pipeline to Long Island built!  Use your energy looking for folks who are willing to help you with it. Boot him out if he wont listen!  I am sure you are smart enough to find reasons to persuade him to do what you say needs to be done.

LGN gas trucks are dangerous traveling over those bridges and through those tunnels to Long Island.  Do a bit of research about the dangers of hauling by trucks through these areas.

At very least you will know that you TRIED to make things better. And so will your friends!  And keep trying!  You just might be the one to spark the changes needed in the state.

Granddad Ladd

Ahhh, a more relaxed atmosphere. Granddad, Ralph might gather countless logical reason’s; but in the end logic interferes with profit. This profit does not have to be from LNG, it may be from other financial investments elected officials have.
Some time back there was an article comparing the cost of energy from LNG to that of energy generated by ‘natural’ sources, such as wind. It is well known that the elected officials have invested their wealth in green wind. The bottom line was, that with a pipeline, consumers would end up paying a penny on the dollar compared to the green wind cost. So, no no we can’t have a pipeline.
What do they give a do do if a bridge or tunnel is destroyed by a truck full of LNG, tax payers will bear the burden, not the officials who made bad decisions for the people; but good decisions to protect their profits.
It is all corruption.
Since only the rich get a day in court, I will state outright that all comments are opinion’s.
I made an opinionated statement about opening eye’s as to corruption that has probably spread throughout the energy harvested field’s wherever there is wealth to be stolen. Through personal experience and many years of anguish I was able to glimpse the magnitude of this problem, professional land theft by licensed professionals. And, as with all group’s they support each other’s actions giving the impression “we all can’t be wrong”. Add to this the personal friendships that overlap different groups and it becomes more difficult to bring corruption to light.
Before they started shutting down websites in the area, in my mind to keep individuals from conversing and bringing things to light, I had spoken to members who were experiencing great anguish because a neighboring property was surveyed and they ended up losing 10 acres or more of land. So how wide spread was this magical land shift? No one knows, probably because the conversations were extinguished before it could become a forest fire. So, has anyone out here suffered such a heartbreaking experience? A simple yes answer will suffice. We can get an idea by counting the yeses.
As I learn my way around this site, no wonder nothing gets conversed, every comment gets its own cubby hole, hey zous!

A question for all,

Is it better to do absolutely nothing at all? Just lay down and be rolled over and crushed like a bug underfoot?? 

Or would it be better to look for options even if those options might seem to not relate,  directly,  to the present situation? 

Everything changes, and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING!

It is better to make a change to some other project! You never know but what you might find something you can use as a lever to pry the original problem off its track!

If a person gets HUNG UP on one thought  and cannot or will not even consider that there are other possible solutions, nothing good or better will ever appear.

Granddad Ladd

Couldnt have said it better myself !  Thanks Granddad.....we need to stay on course.  Everything DOES change, like it or not.  I invested in GASFRAC a couple of years back.  Thought it was the best thing since sliced bread !  It was !  But the industry didnt think so, or didnt want to change.  Great idea:  pump liquid propane down the well, use it as fracing fluid, and then recover it as propane gas, to be reused.  Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt, and I lost a sizeable chunk of my retirement money !  Another company bought the assets, but I believe they shelved the patents and process that had attracted me in the first place.  I dont think anyone likes the prospect of the waste fracing fluid with all it's contaminants.  I have always considered myself as a "conservationist".....that's what we were called long before the word "environmentalist" was dreamed up.  I own a few acres of forestland.  Manage it for timber and wildlife, recreation though little time for the latter.  It sits on top of a thick band of Utica, near central new york.  I have resisted selling to those who split up the land into lots for camps and homes.  Do i stop resisting and do that going forward, to the demise of the forest and carbon sequestration (the new  catch phrase...there always is one) or do I get some extra income from my land to pay me back for all the years that I kept it in forest and paid thousands upon thousands of dollars in property taxes ??  I know I have natural gas, and possibly oil, sitting right under my land.  A few miles away we hav about 25 wells pulling natural gas out of the ground with conventional wells (from sandstone, I believe).  I used to be on the email list for those opposed to hydrofracing.  It is good to keep tabs and, besides I also am an opponent of producing fracing waste water with all its problems.  I called one of the leaders once to make the observation that she wasn't just interested in opposing fracing waste water, but that she was also opposed to ALL gas and oil drilling no matter how safely it was done. This prompted a very defensive response and an irrated one as well....pointing out to me that I had struck a nerve.  No industry or activity is totally without risks and problems:  windmills near me caused a helicopter to do a forced landing....another windmill toppled over...in Calif. windmill companies paid millions in settlement because they located the windmills in an area used by Golden Eagles or Condors ? (cant remember which).  Solar farms seem to like the flat productive farmlands for their locations, reducing the prime farmland ..and etc, etc.  To fight new  or expanded gas transmission lines to discourage and make more difficult the use of natural gas in the promotion of the green, more expensive (for now) energy sources only hurts the millions of us who heat our houses with natural gas....the price of which has plummeted in the past decade thanks to fracing....so that we now can heat our homes for much less, and keep the heat up to a comfortable level without breaking the bank.   The Antis, to prove a point, are willing to cause harm to their own neighbors, family, and even themselves.....which is often the hallmark of a "fringe" group....certainly unreasonable or impractical in effect.  So what does this all mean ?  Damned if I know !  Perhaps that there needs to be a balance....a sense of reasonableness that has been drowned out by one side here in NY, at least for the present.  There have been groups formed in the past, especially in the Southern Tier of NYS which sits just a few miles from the PA border.  Perhaps it is time to revisit them and breathe a little life back into them.  One large group sticks in the back of my mind....will have to look it up to see what ever happened to it. Another group from the same area has called for the separation of Upstate NYS from NY City.  It sounds like a fringe group too....and I have heard that studies have shown that to do so would cost Upstate much more to be apart from NY City.  Maybe we need to learn more about that and see if that is really true.  Our current Governor seems to be close to NYC....probably counts on their votes for when he runs for President.  We could let them have him as part of the separation negotiations !  Upstatenick we could call it ! Ha!  Bottom line is not to give up...to reorganize and do some great PR of our own.  Climate change is the new buzz word.....how beneficial have rural landowners been in the efforts to slow climate change ??  What would be the impact on climate change if all the landowners decided to "clearcut their forests and woodlands ??  Maybe people ,especially the so called "environmentalists"  should think about the landowners of NYS in a more positive light.....and get a bit more reasonable about their contributions to society and their right to use their assets and natural resources to help them keep  doing what they have been doing for generations.....perhaps the Antis should be a bit more appreciative !  So fight on New York !  for Balance and Reasonality (I know, there is no such word....but there should be !)

Thank you for the update...I havent kept up as I should have.  And I should have learned this long ago by some good old positive PR and education from the industry.  So should have most of the public and especially the politicans and the antis. No one is presenting the opposite view for us, and that's why there is no balance in NYS.  Wonder what else can be recovered from the frac fluid ??  Who is doing the research ?  Universities or just industry ?   Would like to know more about this.  Would promote some new good discussion about extraction in NYS....amongst the public, not just us like minded folk.  They are the ones calling the shots, not us.....Best we follow Granddad's sage advice and do something, not just carp.  Thank you Old Timer....can you give us some more positive news and info ??


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