Natural gas puts out about half the carbon emissions as coal! Therfore it will be a big part of lowering our carbon emissions! Who benefits? The landowners who have gas rights right here in our region. Screw coal! Safe clean natural gas is going to lead the way and we are going to reap the profits and jobs!

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Natural Gas vs Coal: Undoubtedly, high efficiency natural gas-fired power stations can produce up to 70% lower greenhouse gas emissions than existing brown coal-fired generators, and less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of the latest technology black coal-fired power stations. Notice the distinction between black and brown coal, however, exactly how much less CO2 also depends upon the type of gas-fired station.
I to think there is room for both. I agree with trying to lower emissions but I want to use all resources in wv.
Coal is on its way out. Natural gas is the way to go. Cleaner and safer. It's not just about carbon emissions. There is mercury, sulfur dioxide and others that are negligible in natural gas. Besides that I want to sell my natural gas, now!

I want to sell my natural gas as well, but keep in mind, you don't have a pile of natural gas laying in storage beside the plant, if something bad happens. The light are out possibly for an extended period of time. The new style furnaces won't light without electric, so no heat either.

Anyone who thinks, solar, wind and NG are all we need, better do some research.

We need coal as well and FERC is finally starting to wise up.

AND Co2, why on earth would we want to start regulating something that every living plant on the face of the earth needs to survive........

WAKE UP AMERICA.............

Its not the greenie's we have to worry about now, its the Brownie's

NG generating plants won't get built overnight and we need pipelines to feed them.  Pipelines are a new favorite target of environmentalists so many will be slow to get built.  Coal plants like WW Sammis spent millions to install clean coal technology, we need them to keep electric costs down in the interim.  Not to mention there's thousands of coal miners who need their jobs back.  I want to see our use of natural gas go up too but in the meantime I want to keep my electric bill stable.

Agreed! This will take time but I doubt coal is going to be the best choice of wall street. Natural gas will lead the way. It is not just about electrical power. Coal at one time was used to heat homes but that went the way of buggy whips. I think you are right about the pipelne issue but once they are in natural gas will continue to grow as a clean energy.

Okay, I will add my opinion.My mineral rights came to our family as a surprise last year. I have been to visit my great grandfather's house last year that has been there since 1929. I have been a Democrat and environmentalist all my life. I am not ashamed of that. My patriotism should not be questioned either since I have had a relative serve in every war from the Revolutionary War till now. My great grandfather McCleary who fought in the Civil War is buried in Claysville, and is just one example. I am a realist, and I recognize the need for this country to be energy independent. I also know that all this shale drilling in the Marcellus will allow us to reach that goal. I am 100% behind drilling for oil and gas in the Marcellus and other plays and it is not just because of the money that hopefully my family and I will receive from what our great grandfathers left us in our deed. I have met the landowners and we are all leased with an energy company. Obama has helped shale development. Its not right to demonize people and call people names who want all of this process done right, that want the drilling done right, so that it does not harm the beautiful land in western Pa. that I still call home. The Keystone pipeline is the dirtiest oil, that will only benefit Canada, will be exported from the Gulf to other countries. Other than short term employment for those who build and maintain the pipeline, it will not generate anything for anyone in this country. None of that oil will be used in this country. So as a Democrat and environmentalist who agrees that our Marcellus oil and gas should be developed, let focus on getting that done, instead of worrying about Keystone XL pipeline that won't benefit us at all. Debbie

Good points!


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