Anyone have an idea when they may be released?

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Probably the second or third week of Sept.

The odnr gives the producer 45 days to have there numbers into the state, then odnr takes around 2to3 weeks to get it on their production website, basically the system used seems like the producers are using hand written notes on there day to day production logs which in turn takes them a while for a accurate count , I happen to laugh at the 45day time period when most can agree they know the numbers and can cut the time by at least 30 days, just saying something may be fishy about the timetable

2 words will suffice,,,,greed,,,laziness.

In 2017, according to my sources, each well will have electronic transmitting meters that report to the Ohio Department of Taxation. This was by phone conversation with a Farmer I know who told me after getting off of the phone with the Tax Department.

Lawyers have told us that the Tanker Trucks are full when they leave the well pad, and a driver told us he's not allowed to go on a pad unless there are 200 barrels in the tank.

So when you have 10 oil pickups per month starting at 35 barrels and decreasing from there, you actually have had 200 barrels picked up 10 times. The theft is huge in every area I've looked at.

The ODNR figures are always 20% higher than reported on the Royalty Statement. The producer thinks he can write off 20% or more each month for his losses.

The ODNR figures will be no where near what is being taken by Chesapeake. I believe the Truckers and the lawyers rumors have been verified true so far.

I only have 2.6 acres under production but being a Citizen of Ohio I'm very concerned about this theft. It affects everyone in Ohio including our governor who should be considered a Co-Conspirator for doing nothing while the State is being robbed, an obvious RICO Act violation by Chesapeake.

Chesapeake is blaming Williams Partners again for royalty underpayment due to a bad contract to move our well products. Chesapeake owns Access Midstream, which bought Williams Partners and are now trying to hide behind their name, but a theft of this proportion can't be  hidden.

I have the evidence on Access Midstream buying Williams Partners and keeping WPs Name if anyone has an issue about this fact.


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