Anyone have any idea when the reports will be out?

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call ODNR,  and GOOD LUCK!

You will probably find nessie and bigfoot before ODNR lets out those reports

If you look at the older vertical wells they are showing 2013 production numbers already in the completion reports on ODNR. They apparently have all these numbers and are just not releasing the reports for some reason. Funny they have the free time to go in the database to update these old vertical wells, but cant release the horizontal production spreadsheet for the Utica wells.

Maybe we'll get the 2014 1st qtr. report before the "13 "4th qtr.?  maybe that dept. of the ODNR is on spring break. Maybe the O&G co.s have injected enough $$$ into the state"s pockets to say,"we don't want the public to know just yet". we have more mineral rights to buy up!

bo boboski i agree with what ur saying ....people are bought and sold everyday ......big money talks and us with little money have to live with it .....I think MIKE DEWINE needs to investigate whats going on at the ODNR.....SEeMS ALMOST CRIMINAL THAT WE ARE IN THE 2nd qtr of 2014 and no reports released yet 

the following are segments of the Ohio Open Records Law, §149.43 et seq......


Upon request, all public records shall be promptly prepared and made available for inspection to any person at all reasonable times during regular business hours. Upon request, a public office shall make copies of the requested public record available at cost and within a reasonable period of time.

To facilitate broader access to public records, a public office shall organize and maintain public records in a manner that they can be made available for inspection or copying. A public office also shall have available a copy of its current records retention schedule at a location readily available to the public.

If a request is ultimately denied, in part or in whole, the public office shall provide the requester with an explanation setting forth why the request was denied.

No public office may limit or condition the availability of public records by requiring disclosure of the requester's identity or the intended use of the requested public record

Upon a request, a public office shall transmit a copy of a public record to any person by United States mail or by any other means of delivery or transmission within a reasonable period of time after receiving the request for the copy.

If a person allegedly is aggrieved by the failure of a public office to promptly prepare a public record and to make it available to the person for inspection, the person allegedly aggrieved may commence a mandamus action to obtain a judgment that orders the public office to comply, that awards court costs and reasonable attorney's fees to the person that instituted the mandamus action, and, if applicable, that includes an order fixing statutory damages.

To ensure that all employees of public offices are appropriately educated about a public office's obligations, all elected officials or their appropriate designees shall attend training approved by the attorney general. In addition, all public offices shall adopt a public records policy in compliance with this section for responding to public records requests.

The public office shall distribute the public records policy to the employee of the public office who is the records custodian or records manager or otherwise has custody of the records of that office. The public office shall require that employee to acknowledge receipt of the copy of the public records policy. The public office shall create a poster that describes its public records policy and shall post the poster in a conspicuous place in the public office and in all locations where the public office has branch offices. The public office may post its public records policy on the internet web site of the public office if the public office maintains an internet web site. A public office that has established a manual or handbook of its general policies and procedures for all employees of the public office shall include the public records policy of the public office in the manual or handbook.

follow link to review the ODNR Public Record Policy.

"Routine requests for records should be satisfied in an expedient manner.

If a request is deemed beyond “routine,” such as seeking a voluminous number of copies or requiring an extensive search for materials or pre-release review, the Department shall acknowledge receipt of the request in writing. Further, the written acknowledgement must include the following:

  • An estimate of the time it will take to satisfy the request;
  • An estimated cost if copies are requested;
  • Identification of any items within the request that may be exempt from disclosure and/or subject to redaction."

The reports are out for some companies and not for others. Called ODNR and they said they should be done in a couple weeks. They are supposedly really backed up.


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