cash numbers are figuring oil at $40 and gas at $2

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thx , boogerman

How come some production numbers are high lighted on the one well tickets?

The spreadsheet provides a fascinating look at the boondoggle (the way it was done).

The way I see it--when you factor in what was spent/misspent;

1365 wells.

1200 that won't pay out.

The insiders, Bankers, lawyers and pipeline operators got/get paid handsomely, but then there isn't any profit.

Remember, the costs of the land grabbing and claim jumping--the money spent to produce NOTHING, are part of this project.

It's a shame.

It didn't have to been this way.

I stopped reading the ODNR figures the day I found out that the ODNR uses the Honor System of reporting for producers.  This is oil and gas reporting not someone trustworthy. 

I know my royalty statements will be 20% less than what was reported the ODNR. 

There is no way to know how far off the ODNR Quarterly reported Volumes are from the True Volumes produced.

If I operated like this I would have been in prison long ago.

WVs candidate running for Attorney General gave back his paycheck when the legislature failed to pass a budget. I'm wonder if Ohio's elected officials have ever considered doing the same due to how badly Ohio's Citizens have missed out on the Oil & Gas wealth to date. Someone needs to take the blame, and you can count me out on this one.

Where can I find this same report for 1st qtr 2016?

Here you go 



is  there any type report besides the one you referenced to that shows the production figures(ex  gas)for all the Ohio wells starting at the highest to lowest production figures


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