OHIO Utica Shale 3rd Quarter Production Figures for 2019 Released


WOW, Guernsey County in Ohio has some big oil producing wells in the spread sheet link above.  

Link below 15 new permits.

Rig Count Rises in Utica Shale for 2nd Straight Week

WEEK ENDING 12/14/19

New permits issued last week: 15 (Previous week: 9)  +6
Total horizontal permits issued: 3205 (Previous week: 3217 -12
Total horizontal wells drilled: 2725 (Previous week: 2740)  -15
Total horizontal wells producing: 2422 (Previous week: 2421)  +1
Utica rig count: 12 (Previous wee

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I am looking to sell several tracts of leased and unleased Oil and Gas interests/minerals in Guernsey and Harrison County.  Anyone had an offer recently?

  What is the current market value in Wills township, Millwood Township, Oxford township, Londonderry township? 

I got a offer from Keystone Buckeye 8250.00 acre in sw pa Your in the wet zone so it may be a better offer

James, Sent you a request to link up.

nc6648 keep me posted Thanks

Jeff Kerr is that to sell rights or lease?

Hi Joe yea the keystone Buckeye Co. told me 8250.00 was for selling my rights but it fell thru. The market is in a slump now A few others told me the same . So I will just keep them. 

Hi James I got a few prices from several co. for 4-k and 5-k a acre and some said they wouldn't ever offer any thing right now for to guy in Greene co. PA They all said the low prices of gas is keeping production at a standstill. You being in the wet zone may be in a better position to get more. Good luck and keep me in the loop    Thanks 

Rig Count Drops, Permitting Picks Up a Bit in Utica Shale

WEEK ENDING 02/22/20

New permits issued last week: 8 (Previous week: 3)  +5
Total horizontal permits issued: 3200 (Previous week: 3192 +8
Total horizontal wells drilled: 2719 (Previous week: 2717)  +2
Total horizontal wells producing: 2451 (Previous week: 2451)  +-0
Utica rig count: 11 (Previous week: 12)  -1

Link below for spreed sheet 4th Quarter Production Figures Ohio Utica Shale.

Utica Shale Production Data Now Available for 4th Quarter of 2019

From the Ohio Department of Natural Resources:
During the fourth quarter of 2019, Ohio's horizontal shale wells produced 6,803,057 barrels of oil and 684,771,042 Mcf (685 billion cubic feet) of natural gas, according to the figures released today by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). 
Compared to a year ago, oil production increased by 17.08% and natural gas production showed a 3.2% increase over the fourth quarter of 2018. 
The ODNR quarterly report lists 2,523 horizontal shale wells, 2,452 of which reported oil and natural gas production during the quarter. Of the wells reporting oil and natural gas results: 
• The average amount of oil produced per well was 2,774 barrels.• The average amount of natural gas produced per well was 279,270 Mcf.• The average number of third quarter days in production per well was 90. 
All horizontal production reports can be accessed at oilandgas.ohiodnr.gov/production. 
Ohio law does not require the separate reporting of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) or condensate. Oil and gas reporting totals listed on the report include NGLs and condensate. 

Click here to read the whole release.

Click here to view the spreadsheet containing all of the production...


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