Looking at the Oil and Natural Gas markets today it looks like a blood bath
$30.80 down 26%
Nat Gas $1.64 down 4.33%
Saudis going to pump 10 million bbls a day to depress prices even more maybe below $20.00
Trump loves it all he sees is cheap gasoline who cares about anything else workers,royalty owners,landowners etc
Well I think this time the chickens are coming home to roost
Try to talk the market up some more
Cut interest rates quick

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The gas produced with oil is known as ‘associated gas’. Most of our shale plays produce light oil and benefit from the natural gas in formation to help with the oil’s mobility. The problem facing many producers in the major shale basins, whether it be the Permian, DJ, Bakken, or mid-con, is a large amount of associated gas and midstream constraints. Our country flares about a Bcf/day of nat gas these days because of the lack of market (due to limited pipeline capacity or other reasons).

Furthermore the economics of gas is limited as it has recently been trading as low as it has been in decades. NGL, natural gas liquid) prices also dropped dramatically.

If you think about the ‘shale revolution’ the industry worked its way up the molecule size, with dry natural gas, the smallest hydrocarbon molecule, being the first target - Barrett shale, parts of the Marcellus, etc), then the liquid plays where wet natural gas was targeted (wet Marcellus, etc), then the oil plays were figured out - Bakken being the first.

With the oil plays came an abundance of gas and no real infrastructure to handle it.

Prices at Waha, one main gas price points in the Permian, were negative last summer and will likely come close again this summer - that is unless a massive drop of rigs and completion crews decrease supply.
At one point Permian gas traded at -3.00
Huge glut of gas in the Permian with not enough take away

Time to BUY , when others are RUNNING AWAY 

Probably a great idea Ralph.  Might have to wait awhile til the price comes back up again...…………."BUY LOW and SELL HIGH" is the rule to follow!        

Granddad Ladd

Buy what for what ?

Attention OIL shoppers .... 


CNQ on sale today , aisle #1 .........

The prices are lower today then when the thread started

Nobody is eager to buy a bunch of non  producing worthless minerals right now 

Of course no one is willing to buy what is considered "worthless minerals".  But the value will certainly come back up again. Just how long are you willing to wait? 

Granddad Ladd


Problem is that many of these will go bankrupt and the stockholders lose it all.  Need to decide which ones will survive or bought/merged.  And some won't be bought up until after bankruptcy so stock holders will be left out.

And what are you willing to do?

Granddad Ladd

Well Shakeshale,  If I can buy toilet paper yesterday for $3 or $4 a package and sell it to you for $10.00 tomorrow, Well, Why Not?  Even Gas and Oil workers use these products.  But there are alternatives if you are smart enough to use them.  

Oil and gas have great possibilities! But until the industry money men get off of their collective butts and quit worrying about how to squeeze every last penny out of civilization and look for new products that can be made from oil and gas. 

During the second world war a substitute material was found for tires.  And even today the food industry is making products from other substances to resemble meat.  Not as tasty maybe, but passable.

Put you brains to work and find suitable answers!  

How do you think that the very machine you are reading from right now came to be?  At Bell Labs a discovery was made that just about turned the communication upside down.   A simple experiment, a chrystal was discovered that could be made to take the place of vacuum tubes.  This was in 1946 as I recall. 

What is to prevent the oil and gas industry from doing something similar?

Granddad Ladd


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