Dear annoyed/turned off/disappointed landowner,

I believe that there are arguments to be made on  all sides of any question, with valid arguments to back up one's particular position. Whether you are pro or anti fracking, pro or anti environmentalist, pro or anti drilling I'd like to present  a common ground that we might all agree upon.

Aside from the hype on both sides of any issue, there are usually facts that can be presented to bolster one's opinion. The common ground is that we cannot allow ourselves to be lied to,to forward someone else's position. We need to have the plain facts to allow us to come to our own opinions.

In that regard, I have started a petition to make the case that those who lie to us need to be held responsible for what they say. Please take a look, and if you agree with what I am saying your signature on the petition would be most welcomed.

Thank you,


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Are you going to include the president of the United States on your list of people who lie to you? 90% of people are liars welcome to the world and I'm sure you're on of them.


Perhaps we can agree on a few points: 

1)agreed we are lied to by many

2)Politicians are skilled in deceptive statements

3)Sadly, there is a culture that emphasizes negativity and deception as a way of doing business

As to your point that I may be a liar-perhaps so, but to date since we don't yet know one another that statement goes beyond the data, doesn't it? Although I can sympathize with your caution about trusting, how would adding your name to a petition that calls for greater honesty be against what you appear to stand for?

From my perspective, you are cautious to the point of being afraid to stand for what you claim to be for- or am I going beyond the data myself?


Dan agreed on all numbers and yes it is scary when you talk out against the Oil and Gas Companies .  Hey I am way not perfect I guess I love Pennsylvania and I really want them to know there is 2 sides and they did it in Bradford County do not think they will not find a way to do it to everybody else and they are.

I do wish everybody success in this battle I cherish the State Game lands of Pennsylvania of which I was against drilling on our sacred lands , like so many. 

There is no reason for them not to do it right .  How can creating hate make a Company prosperous? I am not an environmentalist , what I have seen probably could make be one but Balance is the key.  With more tax payer money we can atleast hire more people to watch over and protect the Peoples interest.  We need more Officers to watch over these gas Wells and if we do that we can protect our resources. If we do it in time!

They will take all we have and then leave us DRY, it is just a matter of time.  If any money ever returns I certainly will not be in any rush to spend it I know the Politicians or the Gas Companies will be back to take it!  It is very hard for some people when that happens  Bradford County was not a rich County and for the first time a lot of people could actually pay their bills, and taxes.  Believe me I am perfectly fine and financially am OK I just Plead for the Farmers that sold their Farms and Cows .  It sickens me It is not their fault !

Please support HB1684

Dan I totally apologize for being to the point and full of anger.  I have played the nice game believe me.  We already have The Bell Land Fill now we have Fracking Chemicals spewing , it is very sad! People need to see and hear what's happening!


You referenced HB 1684.  Could you post the URL here so that folks could take a look at it?



Absolutely Dan I support your cause and I am passing it around!  Trying to make sure I stay calm , that is how we will get the votes, atleast were trying:)


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