If you have land and had your choice were it was for the best stacked play area...were would it be.

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let me know if the 3 uploads came through alright.

I highly recommend BTU Analytics - as well as RBN Energy for research/analysis on various plays.  I follow both and have subscriptions as well.  Good stuff all around.

Thank You Jeffrey! They are now shown in their entirety....interesting stuff, particularly the Utica Breakeven points for the Shell wells included in the chart.

I would guess the Pt. Pleasant/Utica wells are relatively new, and possibly they have unlocked the potential return for Utica in a lower priced environment.

I will indeed check into the research/analysis sites you recommend.

Eclipse's Flat Castle acreage?

Interesting area for sure.  Marcellus is lacking, but the Utica has some amazing potential up there.  Travis Peak only did light exploration work.  Shell and others have had some good initial results, but I think there is a ton of more work to do prior to the companies obtain a solid understanding.  The extent of the Utica in that neck of the woods will change - results should improve as completion techniques are tailored to the specific area.  Infrastructure and pricing will be a hindrance (thank you New York state)

I would think Clarion County (PA) would have the potential for 3 or 4 different plays (and in fact have had someone tell me as much), but the problem there is mostly lack of infrastructure (the low gas price doesn't help, either).

the formations are of lower quality as well.  It takes multiple favorable variables for a formation to be productive.  I think Seneca Resources is in your neck of the woods.  Take a look at some of their investor presentations. 

All depends if you are talking about dry gas/dry gas/dry gas formations,or are you wanting OIL/Gas/Condensates,or wet gases. You wont get much oil,or wet gases out of PA. I'd think a stacked play where you can produce some of each would be more desirable.

what's the "@2.81"?

Old Timer...any insights into Jefferson County and Indiana County for Utica/Marcellus plays?  XTO & CNX are active here.

The area where your acreage is located - Wetzel/Tyler border - generally is really good rock. You should see both Utica and Marcellus developed eventually. Marcellus is king for now. How's your lease terms? Do you have an old 1/8th or a newer lease?


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