Oh  Utica #s not so good  but specific areas will do well. Clearly not as blanket as the Marcellus. The Marcellus in bigger scale TERMS has some LARGE  swaths of  very rich  energy but vast areas have none as well. 

A  clearer picture of the Utica and just where it is good is emerging the state #s lag. 


In new plays like this, the geologist's skill and land dept ability  to scoop big , once they decide, where is key to success. 





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It is far too early in the Ohio Utica play to state that it is "not so good". Once the infrastructure is in place, a greater understanding of the potential will reveal itself. While you might be correct, it is simply too early to conclude so. One major advantage of the Marcellus is the TOC of the strata. It is considerably higher than the Utica. We will know more in the next year or two. Keep watching and enjoy the play evolve.


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