I thought there was a buffer zone that would keep this from being an issue.

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What evidence would a landowner have to prove that tapped fissures are extending onto his/her property?

A rather ambiguous ruling.  It restates the rule of capture but doesn't get into artificial fractures.  Puts the burden on the landowner to prove the fractures crossed onto their lands.

A landowner could possible sue for access to the driller's documents to see if they crossed over but they would probably have to show some evidence of reasonable suspicion. Difficult to do so.

The first step in determining if a Court Ruling is fair (Supreme or otherwise) when in favor of any corporation is to check the bank accounts of those honorable folks who sit on the bench. This is happening using the Hammer Computer. Judges are human and they are fallible.

The days of the US Justice system making rules that favor corporations, especially O&G are over.

Let's see how many of these honorable judges are actually honorable after the PA Indictments are served. Those we trusted the most will be the guilty ones.

My bet is that We The People will have a chance to be heard and correct all past issues settled in favor of the O&G companies.

We will own the Oil & Gas companies in the near future by way of the US Treasury per the Corruption Executive Order, and You can bet we will pay Ourselves FAIRLY. There is no need to take what isn't ours, only greedy folks do this, and they will be removed. 

Government was intended to serve & protect US Citizens, not take advantage of them. We have born the pain of this O&G theft Too Long.

Please Speak Out if You disagree and are a Landowner.

The World Is About To Change, Wait & See.

Landowners, Get Happy.

Please continue your discussion.

Farm And Dairy: "Court upholds old precedent in fracking"
Thursday, January 30, 2020 Partial story:

The "Rule Of Capture" is based on 1889 case law, which is just about as long as O&G has been stealing from US Citizens. Time for an update to something fair for US Landowners.

Hell is paved with those who sold out US Citizens to O&G throughout the past Century and a half. Taking something that doesn't belong to you is theft regardless of who you pay to get approval.

Oil & Gas Case law will mean nothing when We The People own the O&G Companies by way of the US Treasury. Time will reveal the Truth.


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