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Some of these township roads did not have the heavy truck traffic of gas well drilling machinery until recently. Also TWP did not have much in the way of machinery to groom the roads. When I worked on them, we had an old timer Gallion road grader, A ford 4 wheel drive dump truck, An 8n ford tractor with a front end loader and A small bulldozer that had a "Pony motor" for a starter. It took an hour to warm up the main engine using the pony motor coolant circulating thru the main engine before it was warm enough to fire...…. That is if you could even get the Pony motor to start. The rest of the tools were picks, shovels and pry bars. And a snow plow for the ford truck. I recall Jimmy Gigee and I tearing truck down to replace the clutch at Gene Bullocks Garage up Reservoir hill road.

From Sperry/Young road north to about where P-pad entrance is Jimmy and I cut huge maple trees. A very large bulldozer pushed the remaining stumps out and across the road. I recall an Albert Teachman, his wife and their Daughter,  Norma,  living on the east side at the time. I believe P-Pad access ROW is built right next to Teachman farm or very close.

Fred Brugger, George Painter and Jimmy Gigee were the township supervisers at the time.

Granddad Ladd

Oh my!  Not a good reputation for any company or even individual to have on their heads Old Timer. The picture becomes more clear now.

Norma Teachman and her parents were neighbors and I presume friends of the Tuttle family. CyrusTuttle  bought the very farm that I live on today. He was my Great grandfather. Cyrus's  Great Grandfather was Ayres Tuttle, one of the first settlers in Westfield township. Ayres built the green house at the north end of  Broughton hollow road,  (North side of rt 49). The creek flowing down Broughton Hollow was known as Tuttle Brook in the early days.

Teachman family originally lived west of the Fred Brugger farm. You can still see the old apple orchard and the remains of their barn. Brugger farm and Teachman farm were both too small to make much of a living. Albert Teachman sold to Brugger family and  I guess bought that place on the hill near you. Or so I was told by Aunt Allie Tuttle.

Granddad Ladd

30 inches thick? Do I read this right? It is going to take a hell of a lot of material to build this much base. And a lot of rolling and packing it down.  I don't think TWP has the equipment to do this all in one shot!  Maybe a few inches a year. Other TWP roads will not get the maintenance they need.

Lu and I will have to take a trip up these roads to take a first hand look.  Sounds like a huge plate to digest considering they are coming into the middle of  the project.

Granddad Ladd

Oh!  I did not know the base material was near Impoundment.  I thought Base material had been stored at some other location. We saw a large pile of what looked to be material dug up from the surface of another road. It was located up a few miles between Keenyville and Osceloa.

Sposed to be rainy thru November too.

Granddad Ladd

Hey OT,

I see two wells are being abandoned/plugged on the DCNR 007 pad in Delmar. They have two producing wells there; does this mean they were less than satisfied with those results and are moving on?


Thanks OT! 75 wells.....WOW!

The two wells in production are, I assume, Utica wells? One seems to be a relatively good well for Delmar Township, the other, not nearly as impressive.

Looking forward to the IP reports of these wells.

Another question.....I understand the Shell numbering convention by the number assigned (single or double digit, odd or even), but is there any way to ID a well drilled by Seneca as to formation destination and direction?

Much appreciated!

Painter 2 well @ 32mmcf!!


However today is the fifth of November. And Guess what? 

Lu  Ann and I are still waiting for you know what!  Maybe after the mail goes by, we will be rewarded.  But I am not going to hold my breath!

Granddad Ladd

I hate to say it but Eclipse's words cannot be depended on!  Travis Peake answered all of our questions every time. And never blew us off. Even during a critical moment during the drilling a representative came to our house to explain some question we had.... in detail yet.  

So how or what route are the heavy trucks taking to get to impoundment and A-Pad?  Presumably  up Crance brook from 49. 

Granddad Ladd

About all I can tell you is that a great deal of work has been done to the township roads leading to the water impoundment and to Abplanalp pad.  Road between the Pad and Crance road, (I believe it is called Sperry /Young) has had major work......Such as raising the road surface almost 3 feet in one area. Run off water had no ditches to speak of and during the heavy rains. Water flooded the road until it was almost like driving thru a creek bed in places.

As far as new drilling in the area, only a rumor several months ago.  Everything seems to be on hold. I've seen a few  large tankers moving in the valley and a few triaxles dump trucks heading west up the valley. Do not know where they were headed however.

Maybe up Dodge Hollow just east of Harrison Valley. Dodge Hollow is closed to everything except truck traffic.   Dodge Hollow was never more then a dead ended road for as long as I have lived in this area....  70 plus years

Granddad Ladd

For whatever it is worth...…………….We received a phone call from a person from BLUESTONE PIPELINE. I am not familiar with them until two days ago. And then I punched the name on the "SEARCH BLANK" and found little information.  Anyway  they wanted us to know that they were going to be in the area and on the section of the pipeline that crosses our property tomorrow, 10/22/2019. He really could not say what his purpose was.  

We really appreciate his phone call informing us of being on the gas line "ROW". 

Granddad Ladd


I did a little research hoping to find more about  "BLUE STONE"

Seems that their main activity is building pipelines that are connecting one gas line main pipeline to another that supplies large areas. A pipeline that can transport gas in either direction, or wherever it is needed at the time. Something like an electric power grid.

Now the question arises: What is their purpose for inspection the "ROW" that crosses our property today?

1. Are they out just for the exercise? Possibly, but I think NOT!

2. How about getting ready to lay a waterline from the impoundment to Painter Pad in preparation for a new well?  

3. Maybe possibly using this "ROW"  as a route for a larger ,   maybe even a thirty incher between two very large cross country      main feeder to large cities?

 Granddad Ladd


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