This well is producing and the first royalties have been paid. HOORAY! I understand that another well or lateral is to be added as soon as a drilling rig can be located to do the job. Broughton hollow road is only a little smoother then the creek bed flowing down the hollow. Pot holes many inches deep. We have to drive clear off the paved part to avoid them. A few weeks ago Jack Cocran from Travis Peake, the drilling company and township  workers marked out places that needed repair on the road surface. A crew came and spent a little time scraping along the edge of the pavement. Nothing was done about the many very deep potholes.  A couple hours worth of time and a few patches in these dangerous potholes would really be appreciated by those who have to drive and thread their way past these bad potholes!


As far as this format being restored, all I can say is, WHOOPIE! For some unknown reason I could not post for many weeks. I could read new postings but was not allowed to post!!!!! 

Bill Ladd

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I am happy for your royalty payments and hope many more are to arrive in the future.

This well is a Utica, not Marcellus, as you may know.

I have been closely tracking Utica development and the past several months' results have been very encouraging.

The Painter well has produced almost 1 Bcf in 68 days online, flowing 13.6 MMcfd in April.

Shell (SWEPI) has shown marked improvement in their most recent UticaTioga wells and - over in Potter county - Terry Pagula has 4 successful Utica wells with his company JKLM.

The northern tier area is looking very promising for future Utica production.

For what small portion of that drilling unit that we claim, the royalty is very helpful to say the least. I will say that Travis Peake officials in charge of the Painter well operation have been very forthcoming in answering questions that we had.  They even came to our door at a critical point, (putting production on line), just as a serious storm was approaching the area, and answered our questions with no hemming or hawing.  Certainly a very busy day for them!

Another well is supposed to be added in that same unit as soon as another bigger rig can be brought in.

One downside is the fact that our road is falling apart. Deep potholes!  Recently Lu and I took a trip to Pittsburg area. Many new areas have been repaved or are in the process of repaving. A small truck load of patching material on our road would really be appreciated.

Bill L.

Other gas  wells not far from us are just sitting there with no way to get their production out to market. There are simply no gas lines! Today Lu Ann and I saw three big rig trucks loaded with three gas line pipes each. I guess they were at least thirty inch in diameter. They were headed north on route 249 from Middlebury. I have no idea where their destination was.

Painter well already had a pipeline laid out to the west before they even started to drill. Water tanker trucks are moving in the area but I have no idea where they go.

Bill L.

Bill, the pipe trucks you saw were most likely headed to Kinder Morgan's Susquehanna West project that goes through the county.  Please see the link below for more info.

Thank you for this link. It helps us to understand about this entire gas drilling industry and the moving gas and oil to where it is needed.

Bill L..


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