Hi Bo, I have watched the site for a long time , could you be kind enough to give me your opinion on if we will be drilled on pebble road intersecting with Irish ridge

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Your location is awful close to SaltFork State Park ground. Any well in that spot would run into the park. The State needs to lease their Oil&Gas deep rights before you and many many others surrounding the park get drilled. The well in Birmingham they just drilled will give them a good idea of what's down there in that area. I hear the state is waiting to see what the Feds decide about drilling under the Wayne National forest in se ohio before they lease state ground ,wanting to model their lease after the National Forest leases. There are a lot of tree-hugging environmentalists opposing drilling under Wayne Nat.For. Most of whom have O acreage in any drilling areas. It's like those approving abortions have already been born!  We'll see who wins out,later this year.

Thank you Sir, yes we are 2 miles north of the park


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