Pennsylvania Attorney General Is ‘Looking Into’ Fracking Problems Across State


"Over the past seven months, Pennsylvania’s Attorney General has received an influx of phone calls from residents alleging that officials at the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have ignored or covered up drinking water contamination, illness, animal deaths, and other impacts they relate to oil and gas operations. According to agents within the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), the calls began pouring in after a Public Herald report in February revealed over 100 cases of official misconduct were committed by DEP oil and gas staff during investigations of citizen water complaints since 2004. …

Since June, Public Herald has received reports from residents who have been visited by Shapiro’s agents, but Attorney General Shapiro’s office has yet to announce an official investigation.

Some of the residents who contacted Shapiro’s office have told Public Herald they are hopeful – after all, Shapiro campaigned on the promise to defend Pennsylvanians against pollution from oil and gas operations.

Others are skeptical. “I don’t hold out any hope for justice for what’s going on,” said Jennifer Lisak, who was visited at her home in Jefferson County by one of Shapiro’s agents in June. “Too many people have been harmed for too many years, and nothing has been done. It just keeps getting worse.” "

Mike Buckwalter holds a water sample collected in the creek where his cattle used to drink.

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Yes, there is broad evidence of contamination:

Reversing Course, E.P.A. Says Fracking Can Contaminate Drinking Water

"the new report found evidence that fracking has contributed to drinking water contamination in all stages of the process: acquiring water to be used for fracking, mixing the water with chemical additives to make fracking fluids, injecting the chemical fluids underground, collecting the wastewater that flows out of fracking wells after injections, and storing the used wastewater"

Jeepers Paul....why didn't you tell us this 11 months ago, when this story was published?

I am certain nothing has more facts than an old article from that bastion of truth, The New York Times.

All you frackers on this site.....take a moment and bow to the truth....and Paul!

Yeah. I'll bet people call him up and lie all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if some left-wing loonies have actually created robo-calls and computer bots to try and salvage their dying anti-fracking cause.

Josie and carp, you two had me LMAO....very funny stuff!! carp, to answer your question, cows are no longer admitted to the Moose clubs, the main reason being they don't want 18% of the greenhouse gas emissions production going through their air handlers.

The Elks clubs, however, are still welcoming them!


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