Setting up County Groups for the site. This is vastly improve the information shared on here - it will get us focused. Share a county you would like to see listed on (GMS). Only those with leasing activity/lease offers.

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anyone have news about Delaware county , NY?
No news because nobody wants it.
YOU sound like a republican ;-)
make stuff up as you go along!!!
How about Sullivan County, PA wish list? We have not even had any permits taken out here although they just finished seismic testing? Any one know anything about Sullivan County, PA?
I would like to see a Sullivan County, PA forum. Rumor has it that November is the date for the first permit in the county.
I can start a Sullivan County forum. I follow the permits and so far Sullivan has not even had an appication.
November has come and gone. Any further news on Sullivan County permits?
The first rig in Sullivan county is up, I can see it when i drive to my farm off route 87 near Dushore.
Columbia County


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