Was reading article this morn 4/2/19 about Permian Badin Gas hitting a record low. Producers are paying $2.50 per MCF just to get it in the pipes

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WAHA  hub now at a NEGATIVE  $3.38 for gas ,, not much relief till end of year ....

Wonder how the Royalty works on that
You pay the company for taking your gas ?

I have read some threads in the past of people complaining that the producers deducted money from their checks for just this very thing. They ended up owing not collecting.

A couple of years ago EQT sent a letter around to royalty owners informing them that they, EQT, had the right to pass losses on to landowneers. If this is really where we're going, I might get really serious about selling my rights and let someone else pay that bill.

Here's an article on fracking's poor profitability. Specifically mentions the Permian.



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