I received a Permission To Survey request from a Right of Way Agent on behalf of Rice Olympus Midstream.  Below is what I'm asked to sign.



I/We grant permission for Rice Energy, its affiliates and subcontractors to conduct a land survey and environmental survey on property owned by me/us in conjunction with the proposed project. 

I/We understand that I will not be responsible for any injuries or personal damages that may result from their work.


I feel that it is fine other than I would like a timeline placed in it.

My understanding is an environmental survey is looking for Spotted owls and such, is that correct?

Anything else other than a timeline that I should add?

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It depends who you ask.  If you ask a lawyer, the agreement will be a few pages (minimum) before he's done with it.  In my opinion, I don't think something as simple as this warrants going too crazy on stipulations, but I would definitely have an expiration date on the agreement as you mentioned. I might also change "personal damages" to "personal or property damages", and request to be present while they are surveying (if your schedule permits).

EDIT:  One other thing I forgot to mention -- if your property is leased, the lease might already give them the authority to enter your property to conduct the survey.  In that instance, these forms are more of a formality than anything.

I don't think this warrants an attorney either.

Didn't think about property damages, thanks.

I was going to ask to be present when they are placing the flags.

If this is a pipeline survey, you'll probably have three components:

1. civil survey-3 to 6 civil surveyors with gps equipment marking proposed pipeline route, corners of property, water wells, etc.

2. archeological survey--team of 8-12 who will spread out about 10 meters apart and walk the length of the proposed line looking for signs of archeological artifacts.

3. environmental-may or may not enter your property depending upon whether or not you have wooded areas or streams or other wetlands running through.

Insist upon compensation for damage to crops--they'll pay pretty generously for this, but in my experience you must ask.  Not unreasonable to ask to accompany the crews, especially if you are concerned about livestock/gates, etc.  It should give you a good idea about where they propose to put the line.  Cannot emphasize this enough--if you have a problem with the route, state your complaint early, often and as professionally as possible.  Rerouting a pipeline, even if it may seem minor to you, isn't always an easy thing to get done.  Keep in mind that any change in route on your property will probably require changes on neighbors as well.  The earlier you start working on it with the right of way agents, the better off you'll be.  At some point in the process, the pipeline company will no longer even be willing to consider route changes.

I would want to be present when they are going to do it, timeline and what are they surveying for?

Surveying for a possible pipeline right of way.

What if during the course of the survey (environmental or otherwise) a farm gate is left open and livestock exits?  What if vehicles damages the surface of the land being crossed/ surveyed? Why isn't the gaming commission doing this "spotted owl" survey.  An energy company?  Really?

 Could any fencing be damaged along the way?  If the folks doing the survey are being paid, why not you?  It is your land isn't it?

Being present is important .  You may be able to point out a direction for ROW that won't change the drainage pattern, or cut through a stand of timber, etc.

Don't let them downplay the importance of their job.  The results mean everything to the company they represent.

having went through this process a couple of times and I mean the survey process for a pipeline it was one of our criteria that they where to be escorted every time they were on the property they actually tried to run what we called a bad route as far as we were concerned the second route was better and finally the third time was it some thing close to the edge of the property I would highly suggest be there as they say pipelines are forever good luck

Add your own stipulations to the agreement before you sign it and turn it over to them. Save a copy of it. It's perfectly OK to add a sunset date to the permission. We did when they wanted to look at ours.

Tell them you want paid for the survey. Ask for $800. I was paid for my survey.

1. There are preliminary route maps, (typically lines overlaid on a google Earth base map) ask for a copy so you know where they will be working.

2. Walk the proposed route before they do.

3. Limit their activity to the pipeline area.

4. In the interest of accuracy If you have an existing survey map offer them a copy of it for reference and show them any property line evidence that might be relevant.

5. Remove any dead bodies, toxic chemicals, nuclear material etc., from the area of study before they come on your property.

FYI  I am a professional Land Surveyor.

Never thought to ask for $ for a survey.

The ROW agent said he was not sure of the exact location on my property at this time..

This what I ended up putting in the comment section of the permission...


- I have no liability for any of the surveyor's property damage and they are liable for any damage done to my property.

- I would like to be notified when surveyors will be out so I can be there.

- This survey permission does not allow any drilling or seismic testing.

- This survey permission expires on February 1,2016.


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