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Looks just like Marion Township/Noble County.  Antero and Markwest are putting 'em in like crazy.

my camp on the right!

Are they installing two 12 inch pipes or one?

Thanks for posting all the great pictures Jeffery. It's very interesting to see closeup views and the different angles you took the pictures from.

I now have pictures that they are done except seeding! looks awesome! Better thank when they started up the value of my property I believe! 

Thanks for the great pics.  You even had got the flags.

Thank you for posting these photos.  Do you have any photos of the pipeline just east of Quaker City?

anyone know what they paid for ROW ??

thanks, Mike


Im guessing Clark and Kamm and all the other wells being tied togetther off Cubbison rd. will go that way ?

thanks, that would be just over $1 an inch...average normal price...for a 12 inch pipe

Ok thats even better .. almost $2 an inch..

$1 an inch is a joke..

$2 i told em i might consider...

On gathering lines. .they cant make you take it..

This line im not sure of....

eminent domain not in effect on gathering lines tho..


15 is a joke. Absolutely not


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