My letter to all the WV State Senators regarding HB 2688 -- forced pooling.

As a land and mineral owner in _____ County, WV, I am writing to
inform you of my opposition to any legislation, more specifically HB
2688, that supports and advances the practice of seizure of private
property in the form of 'unitization', 'lease integration', or 'forced
pooling' of my privately held mineral rights.

This bill is morally wrong and I'll tell you why I think so. If the
gas and oil interests are allowed to tell me they going to take
something that I own and they going to tell me what they going to pay
for it and I’m going to take it whether I like it or not --well I
consider that extortion.
And extortion would be a nice word for it. I think a more proper
descriptive would be thievery.

This Legislation proposed by Industry Lawyers would put in place a 5
person committee, to decided what 'Fair and Just' bonus payments and
royalty amounts will be paid to Land Mineral Owners.

That almost sounds like 'fair and balanced'. Somehow I don't feel
comforted by someone who has a financial interest in stealing my
rights to negotiate fairly. How can any legislator in this state of
West Virginia justify passing this bill?

I would deeply appreciate your response in how you are going to vote
for this bill. Yes or No and why if you care to expound upon this.

To:, craig <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And I strongly ENCOURAGE any other mineral rights and property owners here in the state of WV to write their state senators regarding disapproval of this horrendous legislation.

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Thank you for doing this letter.

I am going to send to all.

This is a nightmare if it passes.


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