If a post involves politicians, it must have a thoughtful oil and gas theme or be connected to the shale industry in some way. 

If the community wants to discuss issues broader than just energy, I'll start a group specifically for that. 

If I get 50 votes in favor of a political group, I start it. It would be the same format that we use for county groups - VIEW.

Vote "Yes" below if you want a specific group for politics.

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Yes (BTW).

Looks like we have 17 yes votes with 1185 views of this discussion...it's not looking good for a political group 

Although many people stray from the purpose of this site, there is no need for a political group (my opinion).

Instead, from time to time,  it might be worthwhile to advise respondents to restrict their political opinions to subjects that affect oil and gas development on the threads affected.

For example; Hillary is anti domestic oil and gas production; Trump is pro domestic oil and gas production.

There is no doubt that the discussion of positions of the candidates, with regard to domestic oil and gas development, have strayed a bit, so be it. I have seen many discussions on this site stray from the original intent. For those who complain about this, the solution is simple, don't read those threads. No one is forcing them to read the comments.

The true problem is this, most of the comments are pro Trump, the people complaining are pro Hillary. The solution is simple, for the pro Hillary people, if you are not grown up enough to induldge in an adult discussion which will include comments opposed to your beliefs then don't read the thread.

But, I thank you for the offer, some of the visitors to your site just need to grow up.

And we do not want any o&g information from people who are offended by these political discussions. They cannot possibly have any info useful to homeowners regarding their mineral rights. Got it.

Yes  (Just in the hope that it would cut down on some of the hi-jacking of serious informative posts)



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