The Monroe County production numbers for new wells continue to exceed expectations and Monroe County isn't alone. The question is how high and how many years will it go. I had the good fortune to talk to two people who think the sky is the limit, one a production man and the other a petroleum engineer. The production man said the right people in power in Washington the Utica and Marcellus alone could not only help the US but our allies as well, therefore helping our finances for generations. The petroleum engineer told me that if it were truly logic that ran the show, the alternative energy folks would fold up their tents and go home. We haven't even begun to imagine the potential in the Marcellus/Utica region, let alone the rest of the country.

The Aubrey McClendon's of the world aren't spending billions out of the goodness of their heart, he's doing it because he knows we have haven't even begun to realize the potential of the Marcellus/Utica shale. Just read some articles from about 5-10 years and it will become very apparent to all.

On a personal note, I can't help but think about my family and the countless other families in the area whose lives have revolved around oil and gas. Grandfathers, great grandfathers and in my case even great great grandfathers, some of whom had a 4th or 8th grade education, yet knew enough about geology to drill wells and eek out a living for their family to help future generations like myself get to where we are today. I owe them more than I could ever payback. I think of this every time some emaciated vegan tries to tell me that fracking is bad. After trying to talk logic to them, all I could do was say; May God lead you to truth because your just sounding foolish. We have the logic and the technology let's use it to help those in Appalachia who certainly need the money. If someone had tried to stop drilling 100 years ago, where would be today, beholden to the Saudis, or spending exorbitant money on alternative fuels? Thank God we aren't dealing with that nightmare..  

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Do you live in a cave al? My guess is you go to the store aND purchase a nicely packaged piece of meat. You leave there in your car and drive on roads. You probably go to a home that uses electic and gas.

Sounds alittle hypocritical. I doubt you are a caretaker. Just because you throw two plastic bottles a week in your recycling bin doesn't give you or anyone the right to judge.

All things use the earth. We humans have used alittle more but we are were we are today because of it. Hopefully using gas instead of other resources will help balance the scales.


"We humans have used a little more (of the earth than other animals)????!!!!"  Our species is directly responsible for the eradication of more than one species of plant or animal every 20 minutes - irreversible break in the links of LIFE on this Planet and someday, thanks to our collective shortsightedness and ego-centric idiocy, we too will face that self-created fate, or perhaps we already are facing it - by calling it different names: "new and improved" diseases, climate volatility, "progress" in the name of imminent domain.... 

Jason - You have NO idea how simply and environmentally aware I was raised and continue to live nor my continual life-long give-away to protect this living Mother Earth - for YOUR children's children's the hope and prayer that they may inherit a healthier planet than we are currently leaving them.... Happy Thanksgiving.

Another old Indian saying: "Better Plymouth Rock should have landed on the Pilgrims."

PS, Jason, you have made erroneous assumptions:  I do not buy meat for my own consumption - and that which I may occasionally  buy for others is respected and from healthy origins. And we live in a very small handmade cottage, next to a  waterfall with a cave too shallow for my dreamed of ecologically designed home. We do what we can do to find and maintain a sacred Balance - by not taking more than we give. Becoming conscious of just what our each and own "carbon footprint" on this Earth is - is humbling. Just because the mainstream culture is built on class and species entitlement, greed, insatiable wanting, does not mean those of us who live amidst it must follow like mindless sheep.

There is no hypocrisy in a life in which every action I take considers the impact on the next 7 Generations, on my Neighbors now, and on the honor of my Ancestors. There are, however, harder and harder decisions to make, traversing unknown repercussions, and in the face of those whose values attempt to disassemble my own. Again - We ALL Live Downstream.

At least you have high speed internet at your hand made cottage by the waterfall.

Can't you tell by the condescension that he loves the earth more than you do? And what's really important to him is that you know it. That, and he was some really good weed...  

...just mozied by here again....with my dial up internet service and solar electric....sorry to disappoint but I have never touched marijuana; might if I journey somewhere it's legal, might not. Interesting assumption about my gender too. But then, forums are known for rampant presumptiveness, including my own....

PS My lifelong ACTIONS speak to my love for our shared Mother Earth. As an Educator ( 40+ years, of the Public as well as graduate courses) I let my living example illustrate options to those who are not yet conscious of this sentient Earth's systems and interdependence. It's not about one person being right in order to make another party wrong. It's about co-existing with respect for all Life, not just what we can get out of our own "flash of a firefly" amount of time here.

High speed Internet. Lmao. Ya. I believe everything he says. No one can convince me that they don't use goods and services offered today that was advanced off the backs of our forefathers hard work and inginuity. They mined, drilled and hopefully have learned to protect the earth alittle better. It is not a perfect situation but I would like to think we are getting better.

I want to protect this earth as much as the next person. Yes we are borrowing it from our children. But we cannot stop it so at least make it better.

As for your extinction commemnts, 99 % of all organisms that have ever existed on earth have become extinct including us someday. There have been greater extinction level events on earth numerous times before we entered the game. There is no direct correlation to us.and extinct animals except on a few remote islands.
We should have been more careful when the dinosaurs were here.
A cubby vegan. LOL
More likely to see a Sasquatch.


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