Just got put into a unit, what is next? Does this mean a well has been started?
What is the time line that other people have had? I've heard 6 months. I've also heard
That a well takes about 3 weeks to drill? Is there a link you can get more info?
Any info thanks

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I wouldn't plan on seeing royalties for at least a year after drilling starts... of course there are a huge number of variables
Where are you located?
Herrick township Bradford county, but I don't live in pa. So I can't see what is what?

I'd try to make friends with some other people in the unit so that you can keep updated.


As for timelines, it takes about six months to get a permit, from what I hear. Then it takes two months to put in road, well pad, frac pond. Then actual drilling takes three weeks but often they have to wait a couple of months to get a rig on site as they are all booked solid and any delay at a previous site delays everything down the line.


Fracking and completion can take another month or two, along with the same availability issues. Then you need a pipeline to get the gas to market, maybe compressors, dehydrators, or other processing equipment to prepare gas for market. And most leases allow for 90 days or more after production begins before royalties are paid.


Like bill h said, plan on a year or more before royalties begin to roll in.



sounds like my kids will be very happy with what we leave them....smile


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