There has been an ongoing dispute in Pulaski Twp., PA regarding what Hilcorp terms their "central facility" versus what some think is actually a compressor station being disguised using different terms. Hilcorp has described the central facility as the place where a dehydrator removes water from the natural gas then compressors and fans cool the fans. Is that different than the function of and equipment used in a compressor station? There are some (mostly anti-fracking activists) who believe that Hilcorp is lying to the community by using the term central facility. Can someone help me understand the difference between the two?

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My readings are about the same as yours of a compressor. Though the construction, Vertical , Horizontal ,Pipe laying, Hydofrac and Flaring noise is off the charts.  A typical well pad is done about a year, some take close to 2 years And just as by the way, hearing crickets is one of the reasons I live here. I don't mind change, though I like positive change. I don't see this as being well thought out to say the least.

Ragnars Repo

Are you going to the Pulaski meeting tonight?..If you do I hope they will try to solve your problems. All I have ever gotten is stone walled and shut down. Maybe you will have better luck than me. Trust me on this one Michelle is a lease holder and is pro drilling as is Pulaski. So as long as you don't take away their $$$ they will nod their heads and DO NOTHING.... I hope that is not the case for you..

I wish I could make it but work keeps me out of town. I am a lease holder as well and I don't want this to turn into an ugly discussion. I think Michelle, like most in the township have good intentions. At the end of the day we are all neighbors and we must find a way to work things out. I do not own the property where the compressor station was placed so my complaint can only go so far. I just hope if more go in that the township does something to address the problem, not just foregoing a noise ordinance. I will contact Hilcorp and see what can be done. If it's nothing, that's life and this too shall pass. I know Hilcorp had fixed some issues but some remain unsolved. I don't have a problem with council members being leaseholders, but I do have a problem when someone calls a member and they answer the phone as Hilcorp.

I own a lease as well. Yes we all are neighbors and need to work this out. I feel the board is too conflicted period.  While some may have good intentions I feel that money has corrupted this process..The only thing I don't agree with you on is the " that's life and this too shall pass".. That is not my style. If that is your style that is OK.... WE are neighbors...Different thinking is good...:)


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