In Ohio, is it possible to be 'Force Unitized' and NOT 'Force Pooled' ?

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I don't need a bankruptcy trustee or an attorney because I am not going bankrupt nor am I out to take advantage of anyone who is going bankrupt. 

"Layman's response Marcus, don't confuse him anymore than he already is, you know what I mean."

You were wrong, just admit it.  Your exact words were "in bankruptcy, all assets belong to the US TRUSTEE".  That simply isn't true.

"What do you think ?"

Personally, I think you worry too much! If you sign a good lease, it's language will protect you and you are not going to be subject to these types of actions.

The "Oil Division Chief" has shown by his actions and the new regulations that have been enacted that he is, in my opinion, being just!

Have you read the LAW! Urban Area is defined in the law.

Quit trying to pick a fight when none exists. The laws were written to fix know problems so that the natural resources of the state of Ohio would not be wasted. The regulations are being adjusted as needed to fit the current drilling programs.

I for one want to MOVE ON! This horse is dead. Get out the backhoe and bury the poor animal.


Keith Williams

Joe,your reference to my post is a unique situation. The producing well had 10% in the unit that one of the signers of the lease was in bankruptcy during the time of the lease signing making it invalid. Only the trustee could sign in that window. My company regularly is a part of US bankruptcy proceedings which validates our reputation and knowledge.

Also by the way Keith, I'm interested to learn if you yourself, aside from being a landowner, might as well be an Attorney / Lawyer; who perhaps even specializes in Oil and Gas Law ?

And also, by the way, as is so very obvious, I offer / attest that I am not.


No not a lawyer, but I though that was Ron's way of attacking people. Like he did when he drove Utica Shale out of here. I didn't like it then, I don't like it now. I paid for my legal advise when I needed it. If you need a real lawyer, pay for one. My group sure did.

As far as lawyers go, I have worked with a few of them. Even proofread their leases when I was working on my group's lease and they were developing theirs.

As far as forced pooling/unitization go, I just see you as single minded on this subject. Consumed I might say.

As I stated above, the lease you sign will control these situations. Working with your surrounding landowners to form a group will help. I chaired a 5000 acre group during our leasing process. Unit size was one of our "Top Ten" problems with the leases we were being presented with at the time.


BTW I was up to Jefferson High School on the 20th to do a game. Nice farm country!


I wouldn't characterize myself as consumed Keith, but as an individual paying really close attention to the Forced Pooling and Forced Unitization issues here in Ohio (as much attention as I'm able anyway).

I'm up here in the north country, with my ground unleased and practically surrounded by HBP Lands / Lands (which I think may / probably are under Lease with EV / CHK) and just trying to figure out what will or may happen when things pick up for us up here.

As another facet of things is that Land groups around here seem to have evaporated with the advent of the Oil and Gas Rule changes which amplifies certain of these concerns we're discussing.

That's my predicament / perspective as best I can explain it (currently) as I continue to keep my eyes and ears open (ears sometimes close to the ground) waiting for indication of activity.

Thanks for sharing.

Following Is A Rewrite To Correct A Typo. :

Hey Keith, I didn't realize one could 'pick a fight' by asking a question.

Thanks for that advice.

By the way, I've tried to read and understand the laws which I'm trying to discuss and better understand here.

Maybe I do worry too much but to me after spending 66 years on this planet it appears to me to be my stereotype.

I live with everyone else's so everyone else can make room for mine.

The phrases are generally used interchangeably, but are typically defined legally within individual state statutes/regulations. The website below gives Ohio law and definitions:

Thank you very much Zack Smith.

I'll give your attachment a thorough read.

Hope other landowners with these concerns do also.

Thanks again.

Having read thru some of the definitions in the Ohio R. C. it appears to me that one of my questions is answered, as I've read (paraphrasing here) that a Township with a population of at least 5000 inhabitants can be considered to be an 'urbanized area'. And I take it conversely then, not an 'urbanized area' if there happens to be less than 5000 people inhabiting the Township.

Just my take on what it says / would mean in application of the Oil and Gas Rules pertaining to Pooling / Unitization.


Thanks for that link. I have one that is similar but couldn't find while trying to answer Joseph.

Thanks again for the link.


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