I signed a 5 year lease with the option to extend another 3 years with Trinity which was actually chesapeak in the fall of 2010. My land is in northern Columbiana county. Does anyone know if they will be renewing these leases?

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Another twist on lease renewals is perhaps now that forced pooling / forced unitization in Ohio exists perhaps instead of renewing they may choose to let the lease expire and force the previously leased land / mineral owner into a less desireable leasehold agreement.

The Oil and Gas Division Chief is all that stands between something like that happening or not the way it seems to me.

Seems to me, forced pooling / forced unitization has many sharp edges to cut with.

Don't you agree ?

I say it needs to be repealed.

Or at least reigned in.

make sure you post in this group - http://gomarcellusshale.com/group/columbiana-county

We had a 3-year lease with Chesapeake.  The primary 3-year term expired on June 5, 2015, and we were not renewed.  (Our lease included parcels in Unity, Center, and Washington townships.)  


Did they release your lease at the courthouse? If I were you I would make sure that you are free and clear of those "rascals"

We are currently working with our attorney to obtain a "release of lease" from Chesapeake and get it recorded at the courthouse.  (Of course, they did not voluntarily file this document for us!)

I called chesapeak and they couldnt say for sure but he said he could almost guarantee that they would renew the léase.
My land is in Butler township

Robin Hood hit the nail squarly on the head...and was being diplomatic using the term "rascals".


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