Does anybody know anything about the drilling that is going on behind Valley Natural Gas on 209 in Cambridge (across from Walmart)?  I had not been down that way in a while & just noticed today as I was coming back from Walmart that there was a small (single rig I assume probably a shallow well) drilling rig in place behind Valley NG.  I drove down there to see what I could see & there was a sign there with the name of the drilling company, but I can't remember it now.  I can't see how they are able to have the rig in place there without having a permit issued... I see nothing on the ODNR site for a well in Cambridge.  Any info appreciated.

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I'll have to take a look next Saturday . Been away for a bit due to family matters,  DRILL BABY DRILL !! Merry Christmas !! 

Nelson,  Saw it as I was leaving Walmart this evening also. Can you believe that? It was lit up like a Chrismas tree. Maybe an injection well?

The flag & the lights were what initially made me look over that way & then I realized what I was looking at!  Kind of surprised me a bit. 

Nelson, Talked to a friend who is working in there. it is a disposal well. Also heard yesterday that Cambridge City didn't know a thing about it. It is right out of the city limits.

Do injection/disposal wells not have to be permitted I wonder?  I would think that anything being drilled should be permitted, but that is just my thinking...  & I kind of figured that as small of a rig as it was, it was either a disposal, or a test vertical.

Hate to sound stupid but, what's a disposal well?? Best hope there's no sparks from drilling and no leaks at Valley propane.

The way I understand it, that is where they will dispose of the Frac water.

I heard, or read  a while back that Byesville was trying to lease the old sewage plant for frac water. Anyone with any news on that??

Byesville is trying to sell the old sewage plant. I believe they have put out requests for bids...

Nelson, I saw it the other day too.. API# 34059242020000 permited on 11/14/11 by Silcor Oilfield Services Inc.. must be a vert .. well card says prop TD 9200'. That's a heck of a place to be hauling frac water 24/7

Not much setback from existing buildings on that one!

Hey Steve,

Where did you pull that info from?  The list that I usually go to does not show it...

I certainly hope it's not true. There is way too much truck traffic in that area already.


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