I heard he got banned. Any truth to this?

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You had made a comment about Frank Dux to which I had lightheartedly added to, next I know - posts are gone and apparently Ron as well.  ????

What ever happened to 'ol Frank Dux anyway?

where does it say he is no longer a member ?

The shrimp farmer will be missed around here.

Yeah he definitely liked to toot his own horn

Wow! I just found out about Ron. He was a tad flambouyant and quirky at times , but I generally enjoyed his posts. I think alot of folks here are gonna miss him. I missed the controversy leading up to this and was shocked at the news when I logged on after work just now.

I wonder if he is gone for good or this a probationary kind of thing......?

ron gets kicked off site but anti-frackers can come on here and lie all day long. something not right!

If Ron has been banned, he must have done something pretty bad. Though I often disagreed with his posts, he will be missed. I do not know if Frank Dux or GG have been banned. I think GG last posted in December. If Ron was at times annoying, he assuredly did not disrupt intelligent discussion on the GMS website. The same cannot be said for Frank Dux or GG.

I hear that!

NO-ONE CAN GO GMS.com cold-turkey.

Take a  pseudonym and enjoy. 

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