I'm not *exactly* sure where Ron stands on all the issues. I do know that no one is better than Ron at getting people to ponder, think, react, discuss and pontificate. Ron is like a Richard Simmons for the First Amendment! He certainly keeps our free speech active!

Ron Eiselstein 2012!!!

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ok show us the birth certificate

Wasn't Ron also born in Hawaii..............Hmmmmmmmmm

You guys are killing me!  David, first of all like Obama, it is no one's business to see my birth certificate, unless you call Donald Trump and he post on GMS, then I am in deep do do.

George my Man, are you trying to get me assassinated?  ask Mark McGrail, how the entitled Marxist Socialist are ready to lynch me here in YuKTown.  I was in the Vindicator Monday , they called my shrimp pond an eyesore.  How about that , an eyesore in the middle of the big eyesore that is Youngstown.  For three years I have been trying to show the natives how to work and grow shimp and for three years they arrested me, bulldozed my irrigation damn and last week they slapped three new tickets on me, the same ticket I beat two years ago in their own court.

This is the reason why I am screaming here and everywhere else, the communists are at my gate and we need to push them back, it is urban warfare here, I'm at the frontlines, you guys I'm glad, got my back.  What do you think will happen when Hilcorp drags the first quicksilver rig into the hood, I really love to see the Fractivist faces then!



Definitely not trying to get you assasinated, brother.

Hang in there you evil, greedy capitalist pig!

Maybe you need to hire ex-congressman James Traficant to represent you. "Beam me up Mr. Speaker!"

yea yea. wheres the birth certificate? hahahah

Gheeze Ron, tell us how you really feel!

The lib/progs would call you a provacator, home grown terrorist and wonder why you have more rights than they do... 

A shrimp in every pot!  Oh wait that would be socialistic.  Still sounds better than 4 out of 5 of the platforms out there.  Keep it rolling Ron!

It would be only fair if Ron would share his shrimp, after all, it would be only fair and square (new JC Penny commercials - don't get me started...)

We all like shrimp but we MUST get ours first as there is probably not enough to go around and we know, that's "not fair"...

How well do you know Ron?  I need a connection so I can get my fair share first!

Will we find old articles on Ron which could question his place of birth like we did Obama?

"THEY" missed scrubbing this article; "Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate"


NOTE: THE JOKE IS ON ME, I CLICKED ON THE LINK AND WENT BACK TO THAT ARTICLE AND THE ARTICLE IS NOW GONE. (guess I should have kept my mouth shut in the first place...)

go to world net daily and look at the investigative material that joe arpaio came up with on obama's birth certificate and his selective service card.   the pres is a fraud.

for sure - Sheriff Joe right on top of it!


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