Royalty Calculator for already producing wells. Excellent tool.

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Try a different web browser. 

Has anyone noticed how off all the units are? Plugged in my 3 different units and total acreage for each is not even close to being accurate.

It did not bring up the wells we are in - Guernsey County.  Eclipse  Went in-line 4th Qtr.

Can't wait til it's updated to include these - great tool!  Thank you!


 For all of the wells that I checked, this Calculator did NOT use the actual Production Unit Acres as recorded by the driller at the Courthouse ( #'s more like 640 acres or 1280 acres ) but instead it used the much smaller ( and incorrect ) Minimum Acreage ( like 160 acres ) as specified by the ODNR drawings for setback laws ONLY. This discrepancy in PU Acreage will make the calculator's Royalty Amount appear 2, 3 or 4 times higher than actual royalty checks.

EXAMPLE:  If the calculator uses only 160 PU Acres but your PU is actually 640 Acres then divide the calculators answer by FOUR and that is the real royalty amount.

I tried it and it worked fine. Harrison county .


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