Has anyone out there actually recieved a royalty check yet? And what is your opinions on these crazy monthly figures were all hearing and getting excited about.

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This will be hard to find out, rumor is those getting the royalty checks are are in the Swiss Alps sking with the money in a Swiss bank. lol

Mark, like the old saying goes.....don't spend it until you have it!

They say; If you dont get it when you need it, you'll need it when you get it!

We already posted some of the amounts, they amount to almost nothing, the first three months that I received for 9 acres in a 630 acre unit was about $1100 and they took out $400 for deductions , that's with one well with Chesapeake and they probably won't drill any more,, it's about a dollar an acre a day, don't get your hopes up the gas companies are the only ones that are going to make money,, I don't even know if the well is producing at full capacity or choked off, they won't even tell you


What state and county are you directing your question to?


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