Rumor has it that ExxonMobil is looking for land to build a cracker plant along the Ohio River. Seems they have been talking to landowners in Beaver Co but some say it go to W Va.

PTT is expected to announce a full go financial decision after the first of the year.  That means there would be three crackers in the App Basin. Thats a lot of jobs and demand for raw materials which would mean more wells drilled.

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3 Crackers would be nice.   Would ExxonMobil expand their expand their drilling side of the business?  XTO Energy is drilling in PA now.   Would they consider buying another gas company to expand their drilling group?  

I heard of a rumor about a cracker plant being built between Aliquippa and Shippingport along the Ohio River.

Maybe the Bruce Mansfield retired coal plant site? Veerrryyyy interesting......

They should take the PTT Global sight in Mead Township. They can't seem to make a decision on anything.

PTT has already spent $250 mil.  All indications are they will proceed as they have bought additional land recently. Word is they will announce a full go in Jan.  There are some tax and financial reasons for waiting until then.

If Exxon does a deal elsewhere, it would make three crackers, not two.  That would be huge for the area, almost ensuring a massive influx of secondary manufacturers. Meaning more demand for raw materials, more jobs, more tax revenue.


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