Let`s keep our conversations going...what are you hearing about the future for new natural gas development in Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia?  Are you hearing of plans for new well pads or adding of new wells to existing pads?  How about new pipelines; are they coming & where?  Any new acquisitions of gas companies or mergers?  Are you being contacted by gas company representatives for new leases & where?  

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A great idea Farmgas.  Without some sort of postings day after day this site will die for lack of use. Best if gas and oil is the topic but if nothing is going on,   some subject will at least folks coming back to check anyway!    Granddad Ladd

I bought my property in Saline twp Ohio a couple years ago with a gas lease included. The lease expires this August. It its with Encino. Anyone think theres a chance of getting it leased again? Anytime soon?

I live near Rayland in Jefferson County Ohio. Not sure if it means anything but Ascent has surveyors all over our hilltop. on County Road 16.

i live on county road 15 outside of Rayland and signed a pipeline deal last fall and was told that they were going to start construction this summer.

I’m not real sure what that means either. I’m pretty new to all of this.

The other day the Supreme Court ruled 7-2 that the National Forest Service can Issue a permit to allow the 600 mile Atlantic Pipeline to cross the National Park in central Virginia. Not big news when both political parties agree on things.  Not that the Supreme Court and many other Federal institutions aren’t supposed to be non-partisan but unfortunately current political leaders from all spectrums have Politicized everything they can.  Now more then ever in our lifetimes we need to nurture the “United” in United States and demand tackling the issues that effect everyone.  Vote, demand over site and use your voice but especially we need to let democracy keep rolling along as long as it’s fair and a democratic process.  That means accepting it when we like the outcome but also when we don’t.  This pipeline will drain the Appalachian basin.  

This pipeline sounds good for us.   How will it impact our wells in western & central PA?  Will there be another pipeline to connect to it from PA to the pipeline in West Virginia?

The mountain valley pipeline will connect from Wetzel County, WV to the Atlantic Pipeline.  I think there is already a lot of infrastructure between WV and Houston, PA.  Not sure but I think the Mountain Valley will mostly benefit EQT in south western PA and northern WV.  Demand will slowly keep rising over the next several decades as industries come home to take advantage of the cracked ethane.  It’s a slow process, our kids and grandkids will continue to benefit. We have leased twice with to different companies.  The second lease will probably expire in a few years. I’ll be happy to lease a 3rd time and hope for future royalties but at today’s prices I’m happy leaving it in the ground.  

What is going on in Greene County, PA?   Any drilling, leasing or new pipelines?

What is going on in Westmoreland County, PA?   Any drilling, leasing or new pipelines?

I noticed this week that there is a lot of activity in southwestern Doddridge County after a long time of nothing. EQT. Some of these are revised permits.

Where is Doddridge County?   Is this activity for drilling on old pads? 


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