Let`s keep our conversations going...what are you hearing about the future for new natural gas development in Pennsylvania, Ohio & West Virginia?  Are you hearing of plans for new well pads or adding of new wells to existing pads?  How about new pipelines; are they coming & where?  Any new acquisitions of gas companies or mergers?  Are you being contacted by gas company representatives for new leases & where?  

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I also live in NC but have been able to learn a lot from the internet, as well as having been able to visit the county where my ancestors lived and where the minerals are, which I inherited.

Here is the link to the West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas website. If you go there, look at the menu on the left hand side. The top is "General Information". Go there. The bottom link for that section is "Weekly Reports". The most recent is 6-15-20 thru 6-19-20. There were no permits for Tyler county in that one. If there were, you could look up what was reported in the ApplicationXtender. That is somewhat complicated but there are instructions for it.

If you go back to the main page, and look near the bottom, you see Horizontal Drilling. If you go there, and look at the list, you see "Signup for OOG Mailing List..." Here you can get on the email list to see what permits are being applied for, or have been approved, for the county or counties that you select. These emails include the district, I think, as well as a location and other things. The location would be a latitude and longitude set of numbers. The link above the Signup is "Coordinate Conversion..." where you can see the location on a map.

There is a lot more information out there. I have learned from this and other online sites and am happy to share what I can.

This question is for Tioga County, PA.  There have been notices posted by SWEPI of three new well permits in the county - one in Deerfield Township, one in Nelson Township, and one in Sullivan Township. does anyone know anything about these new wells/

Hi, Brian, thanks for the info! I have not heard anything, and I'm mostly interested in Delmar and Charleston. My parents live in Delmar and there was a notice in the paper about water use for their particular well. 


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