Some true,some hearsay...Aubrey is looking for a site to build his regional office with a Cambridge address.  Aep Utica is looking to drill a well behind the General store in Old Washington,early feb.   .AEP is drilling now in Harrison co. Rice will be moving their big rig from Belmont co. to daddy Shugerts well in Old Washington,soon. Bluegrass Pipeline coming thru the county this year. Compressor  station for Antero's well below Senecaville is ready to fire up any day.  Gulfport is sending rigs to Guernsey soon. EQT is wanting to drill 21 new wells in Guernsey this year. Carrizo has 2 pads built,ready to roll. Cheasapeake,all of a  sudden,likes Guernsey,better than Carroll. The company wanting to build an apartment complex at the I-77/Rt.22 site has agreed to help finance a sewer plant needed at that site& Coventry Estates. Motel to be built across from Pilot on the hill almost ready to roll. Some landowners near Quaker City are getting offers of $13,400. per acre to sell their Mineral rights.  Any other tidbits are welcome. You hear things from credible sources that may not even be true,but you be the judge.

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Our troops were ordered to destroy their personal weapons (rifles and pistols) but the enemy still got hold of some armored vehicles and other heavy weapons. They had to exit Yemen quickly and evidently had no time to destroy everything... At any rate, it's another sad day for the free world due to the policies of our current administration. I look for the price of oil to come back up soon as the Mid East is in turmoil but at the same time our enemy is gaining ground. Watch Fox news for more accurate  info  

Yes...we about lost it when Fox as off the air for a few weeks, other news medias just doesn't report the truth like FOX does. It amazes me when they say FOX is making it up and then a week later they are reporting on the same thing FOX did a week earlier!

Yep, what's that tell us?

Lance I couldn't agree more you are spot on!

Thanks Scott..... I just feel the need to share this with others willing to listen.... 

Out of curiosity Aubrey ran CHK. We have heard horror stories about CHK . So did Aubrey set up CHK to run in this fashion or did CHK take on this fashion after he left? Will AEU be another CHK with just a different name?

I would trust Carrizo about as far as I can throw them, that comes from personal experience.

GoFrac was poorly organized and ran and I believe struggled to compete with Halliburton. I believe that some, if not all of the companies are asking for some reductions in associated costs of drilling and completion.

There are some folks who put out information without knowing enough to know that they don't know anything concerning what they are talking about.

I cant tell you how many times people told me that Chesapeake hit a dry hole when they put in the first lateral to hold the unit by production until they just recently returned to drill three units from the same pad.

I don't know why some folks would seem to root against what is happening around here but I think jealousy would be a good reason and is probably an accurate accusation.

I am torn between rooting for the price of oil to go back up which is good or better for us or the price staying low which benefits far more people across the country.

It is very hard to root for these oil and gas companies, even with our interests joined at the hip.

The only real solid evidence I have about a substantial slowdown that is directly related to oil and gas prices is in relation to Eclipse putting most of their plans on hold. I have heard many other rumors that I would not put out as truth although they may turn out to be true.

I think we here in the Utica/Point Pleasant play are in better shape than a lot of the other plays across the country.

I hope your right .the truck's are still going in and out of the gathering station. I am hoping they still drill the Yost well but if not theirs nothing I can do about it,I have learned a lot on this site.

I was told by Eclipse that they are just moving to the dry gas area until oil prices stabilize.  They are just modifying their drilling schedule - not quitting  They'll be back - they have too much money involved in not only leasehold positions but infrastructure - as evidenced by the gathering stations, pipelines, etc.  They put up a lot of the money for Enlink to install the condensate line that isconnecting the gathering stations to the Ohio River to send the condensate overseas.

Eclipse is doing a lot of work behind the scenes that people don't know about in Millwood Twp.  Don't give up - just be patient!

Just talked to a friend who lives on the other side of Cambridge the well they going to drill is know on hold they all pull up and left. ....around North Star rd.

AEU's regional offices are going up fast. They have the steel framing done and sides closed in ready for roofers. looks to be quite a lot of sq. fottage, but only one floor. They must had to go out instead of up because of the airports fly zone.

crane setting steel. too far away for good pics.



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