Ohio frackers can't get sand. who would have thought. Have a friend who was working 24/7 but been off few days because no sand in Ohio or western PA.

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We have a quarry four miles from us in Southern Ohio that probably rolls 50 sand transports/day. I've checked their website and they are mining frac grade sand in various sizes


they're back online. i think in Belmont county they somehwhere out by steubenville and Hannibal to get sand.  where in southern Ohio??It's always something short sand or needing water. 

Lu and I have noticed that along a rail line where the sand laden railroad cars are waiting to ne unloaded,   Hundreds of piles of white sand has dribbled on to the track underneath each car.  Now I wonder how much more sand is lost on the trip from those sand suppliers? 

The quarry is named Southern Ohio Sand. It's located in Pike County, Ohio. It is silica sand; note that many operators only use synthetic proppant (bauxite and ceramics) due to improved crush resistance.



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