Im selling land and want to keep the mineral rights. not leased now. any advice or suggestions. Thanks Don 

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That is easy to do.  You may want to consider just keeping the Oil and Gas rights as it will make it easier to sell.


The process is easy, just make sure the deed states the sale is for Surface Only and Excludes the Oil, Gas & Minerals. 

I have seen errors made when people have used a title company and not an attorney, leaving the seller little recourse.  Please have your Purchase Sale Agreement and Deed reviewed by an Attorney to insure everything is copesthetic.

Good Luck

We gave some land to a family member in Ohio. We reserved the mineral rights in the deed split. Not sure if it differs from county to county but we received a tax due bill for the minerals associated with that surface parcel. The minerals are accessed when a new deed is filed so we are not taxed at this time on the acres not transferred. We latter found out that if we only reserved the oil & gas rights no tax is accessed at this time. The word minerals is what triggered the tax to be accessed. I would say use an O&G attorney but the attorney who did the new deed was an alleged knowledgeable O&G expert.

Thanks for the good advise. will check with g/o Attorney for the correct wording in the Deed. Thanks again Don 


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