Has anyone out there agreed to sell water on their property to drilling companies? If you have can you let me know how it works as far as the contract. How much water a well requires and how big of a water source you own. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I have heard a rate that is the same as Marc Marie quotes above - $10 per 1,000 gals (which BTW, is one cent per gallon, NOT 10 cents a gallon). 

You're right - 1 cent per gallon.


This is in E. Ohio in Harrison, Guernsey and Belmont. If anyone is interested in educating themselves on this matter, I know someone who is looking to lease water for drilling companies. Not a business partner, or anything like that, just a guy I happen to know

Been wanting to learn more about this, got a contact?

If interested in NE OHIO, we have an industrial source here for raw water.


PM me.

How much would a person get for water per gallon delivered to awork site?

If anybody needs Help with a system to meter , regulate and reporting  on the water condition and usage my company does that .....which is usaully part of the EPA , DEP plan...

Could wash water from a large dairy operation be used, possibly after being filtered somehow or after being ponded and the solids removed?

I would say yes maybe have we no...... but wih the new water reclaim units out there I don't see why not



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