Senator Inhofe calls BS on Obama's fraudulent climate change agenda

In-the-shale landowners need to remember climate change fraud is an ongoing threat to our well being.  That fraud today is being perpetuated at the highest levels of government, by a nearly monolithic mainstream media, and by dishonest academics who benefit personally from the fraud.

In this article, Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma speaks truth to the powerful liars aligned against all of us, and in particular to a Chicago thug named Obama:

 Inhofe on fraudulent "global warming" and "climate change"

Do not miss the comments following this article, messages from people who are fed up and have had enough of the global warming lies.

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Frank, it seems your issue is with how we deal with global warming and the impact that it may have on landowners like us. Let's not waste time with whether the earth is warming as the numbers are clear. How we address the issue so it does not negatively impact the economy or target any single person/industry is the real question.

I disagree.  And BTW, your "numbers" are fraudulent, as is the entire "global warming" religion.

Read the comments following that article.  Unlike what you so fervently believe, the global warming issue is FAR from settled. 

These same so called scientists claimed back in the early 1990's that by 2015 the oceans will have risen 100 feet if nothing was done.  Emissions continued to rise but Florida and New York City aren't under water! 

God help you, Matthew.

Scientists should base their opinions on science but the man made climate change scientist are not.  They are basing their opinions on who is funding their research.  They have been exposed numerous times with lies.  The left will tell you that almost all scientists believe in climate change.  I believe in climate change!  The question should be, do  you believe in man made climate change.  


If you believe in global warming gases, the worst culprit would be water vapor.  It would account for over 90% of global warming gases, but since man can't control water vapor, they just discount it completely!   The sun is our furnace, it can changes in intensity, but we can't control that so they completely discount it.  Follow the money, that is why they go after CO2, a necessary gas in our atmosphere which accounts for less than 0.04% of the gases in our atmosphere. 

Spot on.  A star we call the "sun" is the principal determinant of earth's climate.  In second place are natural earth processes which derive from this planet's molten core, like volcanic activity expressing itself both on land and beneath the earth's oceans.  Those two things considered together overwhelm the piddling activities of mankind.

As others have stated, global warming . . and global cooling . . both exist, are real, and have been ongoing for millennia.  But anthropogenic (man caused) global warming is a concept derived solely from liberal politics, designed primarily to increase our taxes while providing an excuse to fund asinine wind turbines and solar arrays with our money.  

Understood, Matthew.  No problemo.

Very well put Owner.  Too bad common sense like yours have become a rare commodity.

Well said! True scientists realize that the more mankind learns - the more he/she realizes just how little is known about creation and it's processes. For me, this is one of many things that prove the existence of a "creator" and lends credence to what is said and taught in those dusty old books. Everything boils down to money and the "handful of MFers" deceiving and pushing through agendas in pursuit of it. IMO only.

The Obama pictures on that web site are funny.

Facts are facts and every glacier in the world is rapidly melting away. The temperature of the Earth which is measured by various means at thousands of locations and from satellites is what it is, rising at a rate not associated with natural causes. Inhofe is a religious mental case. He believes that a make believe being is controling everything. What a joke. I guess the Earth is 6000 years old too! What a joke! Please stop with the science denying and making up of BS. Show me any scientific article written in the 90s that said we would have a 100 foot rise in oceanlevels by 2015. SHOW ME!  

Making broad statements hurts ones position.....I will agree lots of glaciers are melting, some faster some slower, just not every one.

"Facts are facts and every glacier in the world is rapidly melting away."

They are, are they?

How about this:

or this:

If you read the second one you will notice they have changed the climate models the IPPC are using to help explain what is going on.... these climate models are no better than the crappy airplane models I attempted to make when I was young.


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