Seneca Resources Shows How to Reduce Truck Traffic from Shale Gas Development

Hands down the number one complaint by those individuals living in the active Marcellus Shale play of Pennsylvania is truck traffic. As a landowner and one of those said individuals, I too can be heard from time to time muttering to myself as I sit behind a caravan of trucks. It’s an issue the natural gas industry is well aware of and one it’s working creatively to mitigate. In recent years the use of fresh water impounds has increased tremendously, and with those the use of water pipelines to carry water from these locations to well sites has dramatically reduced truck traffic associated with hydraulic fracturing. Seneca Resources is taking this line of thinking even further. Read on to learn all about their innovative water withdrawal system.

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In our case we have had the traffic for six years. We now have three flagmen on our road 24/7. On Sunday we truly wanted to strangle someone, our flagman was sleeping and my family and I were almost in a headon with an 18 wheeled Halliburton truck that came around one of our many blind spots. I truly want us to drill for the USA's natural gas. I just want my house to quit shaking and having to have an escort to get into and out of our home. (ok rant over)


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