Happy Monday! We have a poll for the Pennsylvania Primary up on GMS today.


Who are you voting for on Tuesday?


Vote in our poll...

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This poll just verifies that the majority of Republican voters are paranoid and don't care that their choice is a bully and a liar.

Sure, Scott.  And BTW, how are your classes in Spanish and Arabic going?  After all, your proficiency in those languages is gonna need to rise very quickly beneath the open borders policies you unquestionably prefer.

Scott's idea of making America great

Here is more of where Scott's brand of thinking leads, with lots of photos for the doubters:

Scotts motto: America for the Mexicans!! NOW!!!

Strictly FYI, Scott old buddy, all those photos were taken on American soil . . . or formerly American soil, anyway.  And your BFF Obama is inviting in thousands more with every passing day.  At this rate, even if Trump by some miracle wins, there won't be much left of America for him to save!

You getting royalty money, Scott?  Turn it over.  They need all of it to feed and clothe the illegal Mexicans and their Muslim counterparts. 


 Was Kasich allowed upon the ballot finally?  A reminder Kasich wanted a heavy severance tax on O&G here in Ohio that would have applied to land owners.


      Bibble johnny won Ohio's Carroll County in a "Landslide", but everyone being stolen from by CHK correctly blame Bj and his atty gnl buddy. So we wonder how Bj could have possibly won a County that CHK is operating in. As you know Bj threatened all royalty owners with higher taxes, another reason we don't care for Bj. 

I notified both Bj and his buddy, in Aug 2014 of our royalty theft ($56 per acre per month with a 17.5% Gross Royalty, when all well products were at peak values, but for some strange reason their "hands are tied" or full of CHK $$$$$.


The Don

You really have little choice....if you have ANY vested interest in oil and gas production you have to vote trump....he's a capitalist....he will NOT begrudge you of your success....now, on the other hand, if you feel some burning desire to SHARE your good fortune then vote for either of the idiot democrats just wait till THEY steal your mineral rights....not tamper with your royalty checks because there will not be any more royalty checks....the gooberment will nationalize the oil and gas and use your money to put some more fat lazy people on food stamps with free cell phones


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