Looks like Aubrey McClendon  may be the buyer for Enervest"s 22,000 acres and Shell's 50,000 acres. Most of this may be in Guernsey county! Check out the article in Forbes mag. or go to "Drilling Ahead" website.  No-one has verified this. He has a new company formed, AEP.

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The sale has been verified. AEP bought the Enervest acreage.

There is a lot of people,from Cambridge to Londonderry, will be very interested in the Shell deal. Luckily,Shell wrote up a very landowner friendly lease that will have to be honored by the new buyer. Maybe too, drilling may happen sooner than it would have by Swepi.

Seems no company is wanting to sing leases in the cambridge area.Been trying for a while now.

Yes, right now Cambridge twp. is seen as a bridge too far, or rather, an"interstate too far".  Hopefully this will change with the entrance of such a large buyer into Guernsey County.  Already the ground is beginning to shake.  Eclipse resources is in a mad dash to lease the ground underneath the village of Lore City.

EQT has been drilling wells west of I-77 now for a year. They are building a new pad to drill 6 more on cubbison rd. They must like what the have found,but  they haven't been too good about releasing the results of the flow tests.must be good, or they would have moved out long ago!

My neighbors and I presented EQT 600 contiguous acres in the NW quadrant of Cambridge Twp. earlier this spring and they passed.  They told us they wanted to focus more toward the east at this time.  To that end, I see they acquired some leases through exchange with Shell in Center Twp.  Perhaps SW Guernsey County was seen as less of a risk for EQT because of the early results Anadarko posted on its Spencer Twp. wells. 


Thing is I am in Cambridge and all my neighbors have singed with shell.Pine lakes lodge or jj detweilers lodge on 265 hit big and it is only a couple miles the by the way the bird flys.You would have thought they would have drilled closer to the interstate first due to the ease of getting trucks to and from site.But then agin maybe they do not want all the eyes upon  them at this time double edged sword I guess  also you would think companys would look to see where shell or who ever are big owners in land and grab the properties that have not been leased in the areas to hold as a playing chip when it does come time to drill them missing parcels of the 640 acre parcels to drill would be very valuable when needed 

After Aubrey gets these deals with Guernseys Enervest and Shells leased acreage done and recorded, he wiil probably be wanting to send his landmen here to lease the lands that are contiguous to those properties,that aren't leased yet. With the way the current wells are coming in, they wont mind paying $6000,& 20 % or better. Good news for those who haven't leased yet!

I'm one of those people whose lease is held by Evervest. It's an old lease from the sixties and it's been through many hands in the twenty years I've owned the property.

I posed a question about this deal with McClendon in the "He's Back!" thread on the general discussions page. If you have a minute, please read it. I welcome any suggestions or advice anyone might have,

I have been out of the loop for a while. Where can I find out what Enervest acreage in Guernsey county has been sold to AEP?

enervest map


I think this is big deal and a good thing.  Those of us that leased with Shell have sort been shafted--there are wells being drilled everywhere but Shell did not do anything. I am hoping that this McClendon will drill somewhere on his 50,000 acres as soon as possible and at least maybe some of us will have a shot at royalties. You would think his investors will want results quickly. I for one am breathing a sigh of relief that we have gotten rid of Shell.  Let's get on with this.


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