Looks like Aubrey McClendon  may be the buyer for Enervest"s 22,000 acres and Shell's 50,000 acres. Most of this may be in Guernsey county! Check out the article in Forbes mag. or go to "Drilling Ahead" website.  No-one has verified this. He has a new company formed, AEP.

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We're you able to do this search online or did you have to go to the recorders office?

I did all my searching & research online.

First I went to the following website to locate my parcel and the surrounding parcels (you need to choose the township and then the proper page (the index at the top of the township page can be helpful)).  From the plot map on each page, you can note the owners name and the volume (or 'OR' number) and the page number (which is helpful when the owner has several parcels).


I then went to the following website, selected Guernsey County and searched by the owner's name then used the volume & page number to locate the appropriate parcel which showed the various activities at the property (mortgages, leases, etc.).  By clicking on the 'lease' entry (if present), it will indicate who the lease is assigned to.  I'm not sure how current the information is and that may depend on any backlog in entering the data.  


Hopefully this is clear enough to figure out and if you have any problems, feel free to drop a note.  

Art, this is great! Thanks so much.

What % will they be charging?  LLG

LLG's rate is 5% of the signing bonus for over 100 acres and 6% if under 100 acres.  They receive nothing off royalties or such.  They generally negotiate a bonus between $5,000 - $7,200 per acre and royalties of 18% - 20% gross (much better than 'net'), and on some leases they have been able to negotiate that the gas/oil company pay LLG's fee.  They also negotiate in various landowner protections (surface, etc.).  Given that it can be best to have the lease reviewed by an attorney or such anyway, it feels better to simply have representation up front to negotiate with landowner interests instead of starting with the O & G company lease.  Also, the more landowners and acreage they represent, the better position we are in for negotiating.  We have over 103 acres in Center Township and hope with their representation that we can receive not only a lease, but a good lease.

We like our lease with Shell/ now AEP. 20-%  no deductions or enhancement clause.  Only thing that may be landowner unfriendly, is that if there are ever a severance tax in ohio, the lease states that the landowner pays their fair share. But no wording as to what that means!


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