The main thrust of the site will always be leasing and drilling information. With that said, I have noticed several political discussions popping up.


Reply with YES or NO; should we add a political group?


*If added the discussions for this group would not be on the homepage where the main page forum currently is displayed.

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Yes, I think the political sway should be identified as the capitalist vs. the entitled.
Yes, but only as it relates to the oil& gas industry.

Yes, but only as it relates to the oil & gas industry.

not what it's about
No.  If something is politically important that relates to O & G, it will end up here. 
If you want politics, go turn on a news channel.  Keep this site for what it was intended for.  Common folks gathering information and making the best informed decisions they can for their families.  btw if people insist on spreading their political views and can't stay on subject, then kick them off the site.  We all have opininons.  Some of us are smart enough to keep them to ourselves when we are on this site.
HawkDriver, are you prior service or active duty by chance? Me, 101st 1986-90 active duty, 87-89 Cambell Army Airfield, spent alot of time in and around Blackhawks.

I would prefer politics stay out of the conversation, it just muddies the already unclear waters.


On a different topic, can one of you more experienced folks help me with the following?

I have posted a different question on a few other threads. I am living next to a newly drilled well in Jackson-Milton TWP, Mahononing County, Ohio. The well was drilled initially nearly a year ago, this coming November. Currently there are about 50-75 huge yellow tanker/trailers parked on the drilling pad, with no drilling rigs. we have not seen any royalty checks, but then again we do not know if any product has come off of the site.


01. What  are the yellow tankers for?

02. When can one expect a royalty check to show up?

03. How can we get ANY information from the well site folks?


I do not know of any way to get a hold of the people whom have drilled here, and do not know how to find out what they are now doing, or if any production has begun. It is like a con man has come to your neighborhood, taking away your property (mineral deposits), that you agreed they could have for a fee, but they do not have to tell you what they are taking, so you fell frustrated, uncertain, and wonder if you are being robbed.


How does one remedy all of these the unknown issues when there is no avenue to get them addressed?



Brett, Maybe i can be a little help. The yellow tanks are usually used as frac. tanks. Usually used to collect the floback after a well is fracked. After a well is fracked it is then, if no problems are encountered, put into production, at least initially. You wouldn't see royalty checks until some time after this is all done. Rome was not built in a day. Hope this helps a little. Best Wishes
Thank you.


For your 3rd question, start here:

You can go to the ODNR Oil and Gas Well Locator and pinpoint the well next to you on the map.

Next, you can take that well# and use the ODNR Oil and Gas Well Search to find out more about the well.

Thank you, I appreciate the assistance.


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