The main thrust of the site will always be leasing and drilling information. With that said, I have noticed several political discussions popping up.


Reply with YES or NO; should we add a political group?


*If added the discussions for this group would not be on the homepage where the main page forum currently is displayed.

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Yes anyone that saw the Windfall Profits Tax under President Carter where it took in some cases 60% of a landowners royalty ought to well versed in what this government is doing!

There is a new saying among honest politicians: "Do not leave it to others to define you, define yourself."  Us "makers in America have for so long remained passive and let others define us........ no more!


Good questions Micheal perhaps we need a All Points Bulletin Section upon Lobbying that is attacking the rights of lands owners?

no , no , no ,    we have have to much now . 


You are right on, community organizing is very dangerous to the prosperity of the US, it has been the path to many of the changes in leadership recently and most of it towards a Marxist state.


Correct, as I wrote numerous times, unfortunately the rural citizens do not understand that their way of life, our way of life is being attacked by the urbanites. Everyone who reads knows that urban centers are extreme left and they want a redistribution of wealth.  Antifracking is really about share the wealth and we will shut up. 


Definitely!! For us New Yorkers, it is all we have. We need to get in the game, therefore have no choice but to debate the politics of fracing. We need the facts to win the debate. I do agree it should stay on meassage and not stray from the point.


The DEC has been very methodical in this process. And you are right, still not good enough for the environmental left. The scientists who are employed by the NYDEC have the knowledge & experience to craft sensible rules. If I were them, I would be offended at this whole process that minimizes their expertise. But these antis have been given a voice in the process, without any qualification whatsoever. Any person with a big mouth can say anything & the media prints it. All the while stirring up those without any real knowledge of the facts. It simply disgusts me to watch this unfold in our left leaning state.


The point is, if successful in NY, the antis would use the tactics in other areas of the country. They simply shouldn't be ignored nor underestimated. They need to be nullified, using facts and landowner/gas company muscle.



I challenged many here to stand up for NY, you guys are getting abused  by the enviroMENTAL cases.

Very simple, if you prevent me from producing value from my land, you have to pay me for the lost value.  This really is pure constitution and has been proven many times as a "taking."  Unfortunately, our country has been heading towards all property being controlled by the government, local or national.  And you NYers are an example of the urbanites dictating to the rest of the state.  There is some hope, as the government finances continue to collapse, defunding will negate all their socialist work.  Then they will be screaming for HEAT and FOOD from us landowners.



All of this political gab and little info on oil/gas and leasing and such have poisoned my mind against all the politics.   And, take that poll, "NO ECONOMIC RECOVERY?!" featuring an Obama photo, OFF this website.

Else, you, are going to go from A+ to F    and no more Marinell.

Where is that poll? I want to vote.


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