Hello out there. I have a question that someone might have some information on that a fellow landowner is dealing with and looking for info on. He is on a unit that has had a tremendous amount of drilling activity. The unit is quite large with 22 producing wells however, with absolutely no notice to any of the unit landowners, production for Dec 2019 shows 1 mcf and statements of royalties are all zeros. Given the heavy drilling activity over several years, landowners in the unit would be familiar with shut ins for fracking activity, etc, however this came as a complete surprise with no notice. His question was if anyone has heard of anything like this, particularly a shut in with no notice to landowners in the unit? He is positive that there was no fracking activity in Dec 2019, which adds to the mystery. No production data was sent to the DEP. Gas company is EQT, who we are also with so I am especially curious if this is something that is of the ordinary; that is, just shutting an entire well pad down for a month with absolutely no notification?  Looking forward to your insights out there. Thanks!

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Not enough info there to do anything more than speculate.  Could me any myriad of reasons: shut-in due to pricing, MQs exceeded, nearby activity, pipeline issues, general safety issues, the list could go on.

Article link below, reference of production versus profits. This could be some of your area of concern.


Hi Lori,

This is an important question. I hope the landowner contacted EQT for information. Some other Landowners might have some surprises, but hopefully they will choke wells instead of shutting them in. I would guess that it is easier. I hope all are well. Take care.

EQT Announces Closing of Asset Sale and Strategic Volume Curtailment



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