So who has been screwed by the Ohio Supreme Court Mineral rights ruling.

Now what  ?  you play by the rules and then they change them ? How is this possible ??  there are lots and lots of unhappy people right now..........

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Corbin case.  Look at who wins with.  If a guy reserved out the O&G rights on his property in 1900 and the 3rd owner of this property followed the law in 1990 and got the mineral rights restored and then leased the property 2012 and is now about to receive royalty payments those payments are going into escrow until the guy that died 1912 shows up to claim them.  If he doesn't the money goes to the state.  A very simple money grab by the state of Ohio.

The Ohio Sup. Court just made a huge mistake.  The oil companies have paid out tens of millions to landowners and now the leases are not any good, PDU's are getting cancelled all because of a few Judges.  this is horrible, the worst possible thing that could happen......   Im out mineral acres that i followed the law to get back and now they can just say NOPE.... WTF

If you followed the rules of quiet title then you will be protected. The royalties will not go to the state, they will be in escrow if there is any dispute regarding who's minerals they are. The only one that can do a quiet title on the minerals are the current surface owners. 

This is a different answer than the one I got from the local attorneys including ones that argued the case before the supreme court.

i have talked to a few also,  its a no win for me... period

I've helped individuals buy and sell minerals for over 10 years. If the proper procedures were followed - notices in paper - last known address etc... and this due diligence can be proven.

There are specific things that had to be done to take over minerals that seemed to be abandoned or not - some Attorneys when doing this for individuals skirted the designed way this was suppose to be done - those minerals could be at risk. I have large mineral owner in the state of Ohio and he has lost and won on both sides - some he has just walked away from or come to a mutual understanding with the surface owner so everyone wins - he hates attorneys and would rather work it out then pay someone for a common sense deal. Every State is different, feel lucky you are in a state where there is a dormancy act - unlike PA or WV.

If you have any direct questions hit me up DM, I'll see if I can help you with advice etc...

i sent you a friend request

Hello,  I have just found out that my lease was not renewed because of the corbin case.  My attorney sent me a copy of something I can't even read saying something happened in 1922 and in 2016 the courts gave my mineral rights to who knows.  I guess I'm wondering if that's the end of it.  

Can you help me with some info?

Thank you 


I don't know if I feel screwed by the sc but I think I would have been better off not listening to attorneys who knew less about the law than me. Phil Dodd

I have been in AZ since 2003.  Never really had a clue as to this Corbin case.  I had to fight to retain my mineral rights from a land contract sale of my property and I won them.   But now I find out about this case?  I am no longer the land owner but I own the rights but do I  or did I get screwed by everyone.


My family was helped by this decision. Couldn't be happier that the state of Ohio protected our property rights, which our ancestors reserved for the benefit of the family, and didn't allow someone to claim them without doing anything to contact us.

Ryan, I'm happy for you.  I know this would be a lot easier for people to take if the money put in escrow went back to the property owner if no heirs where found.


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